Tunis - culture, history and a feast for the senses

The Swiss artist Paul Klee once described Tunis as the most colourful city he had ever seen. Come and see for yourself: the northernmost metropolis on the African continent is regarded as the cultural jewel of the Maghreb and delights visitors with its culinary delights, shopping opportunities and its blend of history and modernity. These interlock like cogwheels. No place demonstrates this better than the Place de la Victoire with the old city gate Bab el Bhar, which separates the Ville Nouvelle from the Medina.

Tunis is also the perfect starting point for discovering popular sights in the surrounding area: These include the Bardo Museum, known for its collection of Roman mosaics, or the ruins of Carthage; now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Temperatures are mild to warm all year round, making a city trip to Tunis ideal for combining with a beach holiday.

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Sightseeing in your Tunis holidays

  • Die Medina von Tunis - Weltkulturerbe
    A must in Tunis: visit the medina. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its lively souks are a festival of colours, scents and sounds. The centrepiece is the Ez-Zitouna Mosque.
  • Ausgrabungsort Karthago
    Once a mighty Phoenician city - today a suburb of Tunis: Carthage is a must-see for all culture and history lovers. The Roman baths and the amphitheatre are simply impressive.
  • Küstenort Sidi Bou Saïd
    If you want to recharge your batteries and enjoy a dream view, you should visit Sidi Bou Said. This picturesque artists' village with its white houses, blue shutters and bougainvillea is located 20 kilometres from Tunis.
  • Tunesische Köstlichkeiten
    Tunisia's diversity is reflected in its cuisine: when savouring a lamb tagine with rice and edible flowers, one inevitably wonders how many centuries of knowledge were required to create this masterpiece.
  • Amphitheater El Djem
    Two hours' drive from Tunis is the impressive El Djem amphitheatre, which is modelled on the Colosseum in Rome and was used as the location for the film "Gladiator".

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