Where would you like to sit?

You can already choose and reserve your seat when booking your flight. Seat reservations are free of charge for passengers travelling in Business Class. The following seat reservation options are available to our Economy Class passengers:



The price depends on the length of the flight route.

*For safety reasons, passengers under the age of 16, with limited mobility or travelling with a pet in the cabin may not be seated next to an emergency exit.

The amounts shown in the chart are reference values.

Flights to / fromPrice standard seatPrice seat next to the emergency exit*
Europe, North Africa and JordanCHF 14 - 17 / EUR 14 - 17CHF 14 - 17 / EUR 14 - 17
IntercontinentalCHF 30 - 40 / EUR 30 - 40CHF 55 - 125 / EUR 55 - 125

Economy Max for more seat pitch on your long-haul flight

10 cm extra legroom, more backrest recline, complimentary alcoholic beverages and more privacy on board. Depending on availability, you can reserve a seat in Economy Max shortly before departure at the check-in desk, or even on board your flight.

The amounts shown in the chart are reference values.
Flights to / fromPrice per route
BogotáCHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
Buenos AiresCHF 199.- / EUR 199.-
CalgaryCHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
CancúnCHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
Cape TownCHF 199.- / EUR 199.-
CartagenaCHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
ColomboCHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
DenverCHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
HavanaCHF 179.- / EUR 179.-
KilimanjaroCHF 199.- / EUR 199.-
Las VegasCHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
Liberia (Guanacaste)CHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
Mahé (Seychelles)CHF 199.- / EUR 199.-
MaledivesCHF 199.- / EUR 199.-
MauritiusCHF 199.- / EUR 199.-
Montego Bay (Jamaica)CHF 179.- / EUR 179.-
MuscatCHF 199.- / EUR 199.-
Orlando (Florida)CHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
PhuketCHF 179.- / EUR 179.-
Puerto PlataCHF 179.- / EUR 179.-
Punta CanaCHF 179.- / EUR 179.-
Rio de JaneiroCHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
San José (Costa Rica)CHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
Tampa Bay (Florida)CHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
VancouverCHF 149.- / EUR 149.-
ZanzibarCHF 199.- / EUR 199.-

More comfort with a vacant neighbouring seat

If you want more space on board: add the extra seat to your booking. Sometimes a little space is exactly what you need. Treat yourself to that little bit of extra comfort and simply reserve the seat next to you. Depending on the booking situation, you can reserve your neighbouring seat and be sure of it: The seat is guaranteed to remain free. To do this, contact our Service Centre (+41 848 333 593) preferably before you have booked your flight and make sure you get your additional space, if it is still available.

Seat reservations after booking

You can still reserve a seat even after you have booked your flight. With an Economy Class booking, you can reserve your preferred seat online up to four (4) days before departure. Please note that the name must be identical to the name on the flight booking.

Change or cancellation of a seat reservation?

Economy Class seat reservations cannot be refunded. If you change your flight, you are also responsible for changing your seat reservation. There is no charge for changing your seat if you reserve a seat at the same or a lower price on the new flight. The charges will not be refunded if you change to a different airline, if the reserved seat category is no longer available on the new flight, if you cancel your trip, or if you reserve a seat with a higher charge have made dupe seat reservations or simply no longer wish to have a seat reservation.