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How do I make a seat reservation?

You can still reserve a seat even after you have booked your flight. With an available Economy Class booking and irrespective of which booking agency you used, you can reserve your preferred seat online up to four (4) days before departure via the following link:

Seat reservation

How do I book a seat in Economy Max?

You must have a valid Economy Class ticket for the desired flight. Irrespective of which booking agency you used, you can add your seat reservation in Economy Max to your booking up to four days before departure via the following link:

Seat reservation

Can Edelweiss change my advance seat reservation later on?

In some cases, such as in the event of a change of aircraft type at short notice, we will be obliged to change your seat reservation. We will always do our utmost to reserve a new, equivalent seat for you. If equivalent seating is not possible, you may request a refund of the fee paid via our contact form.


When making an online seat reservation, do seats have to be reserved for all passengers included in one booking?

Seat reservations can be made for individual passengers or for all of the passengers included in one booking. Seat categories can be selected individually for each passenger. Please note that, without a seat reservation, adjacent seats may not be available to you.


Do some seat rows offer more legroom?

If you would like to enjoy up to 15 cm more legroom, you can reserve a seat in our Economy Max on long-haul flights (Airbus A330 and A340). Alternatively, emergency exit row seats or front row seats also offer more space. On short-haul routes (Airbus A320), more legroom is provided in the emergency exit row seats. For more details about our seat maps, click on the link below:


Is there an additional credit card fee for seat reservations?

No, there are no additional credit card fees for seat reservations.


I purchased my ticket at a travel agency. Can I still add a seat reservation via flyedelweiss.com?

Irrespective of which booking agency you used, you can add your seat reservation up to four days before departure via the following link:

seat reservation

Can seats also be reserved for children?

Yes. The seat reservation conditions are the same as for adults. Exceptions are infants under the age of two who must travel on the lap of the accompanying adult. Passengers under the age of sixteen may not be seated in an emergency exit row seat.


May any passenger sit in an emergency exit row seat?

Special booking conditions apply to emergency exit row seats. The following passengers may not be seated in the emergency exit row: – Babies and children (aged 0–16) – Unaccompanied minors – Passengers travelling with a pet in the cabin – Passengers with a physical and/or mental disability – Passengers with limited mobility (e. g. illness, injuries or for age reasons).


What happens if I do not reserve my seat in advance?

If you do not have a seat reservation, you will be allocated a seat automatically at check-in. Please note that we cannot guarantee adjacent seats for bookings that include several passengers.


Can a seat reservation be transferred to another passenger?

A seat reservation cannot be transferred to another passenger.


Can I cancel or change my seat reservation?

If you change your flight, you are also responsible for changing your seat reservation. There is no charge for changing your seat if you reserve a seat at the same or a lower price on the new flight. The charges will not be refunded if you change to a different airline, if the reserved seat category is no longer available on the new flight, if you cancel your trip, or if you reserve a seat with a higher charge have made dupe seat reservations or simply no longer wish to have a seat reservation.

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