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How much luggage may I checked-in?

The maximum weight per suitcase is limited to 32 kg. The free baggage allowance is 1 x 23 kg in Economy Class and 2 x 32 kg in Business Class. Our baggage calculator will show you the costs for additional baggage and excess baggage:

baggage calculator

How large may my hand luggage be?

maximum 55x40x23cm

Does Edelweiss transport just freight?

Freight can be registered with SWISS WorldCargo, Tel. +41 848 80 2000.

What do I do if my luggage arrives late?

Melden Sie sich am Lost & Found-Schalter an Ihrer Destination und füllen sie ein PIR (Passenger Irregularity Report) aus. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier:

baggage irregularity

What do I need to do if my luggage gets damaged?

Register the damage at the the lost and found counter in Zürich or at your destination and fill in a PIR (passenger irregularity report). For more information, click on the link below:

damaged baggage

What do I do if something gets stolen from my suitcase?

Edelweiss does not assume any liability for stolen baggage items and their content. Therefore, we recommend that you take out a baggage insurance before travel.

How big can my checked baggage be?

Baggage items must not exceed a total of 158 cm (width + height + depth). If you baggage does exceed this, Edelweiss will charge you the excess baggage rate. Use our baggage calculator to calculate the prices for baggage in excess of your baggage allowance.

baggage calculator

Can I take any liquids in my hand baggage with me?

The following restrictions apply for liquids, gels, creams and lotions: Liquids must be in a container with a maximum capacity of 100 ml or 100 g. These containers must be in a resealable clear plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre. Only one bag is allowed per person (available from retailers/at the airport). The bag with all the containers must be completely sealed for presentation at the security check.

I've heard that the restrictions on liquids in your hand baggage are going to be lifted. Is that so?

As soon as more is known, Edelweiss will change its rules accordingly. However, until the situation is relaxed, the restrictions given under the safety conditions for hand baggage will continue to apply.

Can I take any liquids in my checked baggage with me?

You can generally put liquids in your checked baggage, but special rules do apply for certain liquids and aerosols. Liquids that come under the category of Banned items may not be taken. Find out more in the chapter.


What items are not allowed to go in my hand baggage?

You will find a list of items that are not allowed on board under


What items are generally forbidden?

Items that could harm the health and safety of passengers may not be taken on the aircraft. You will find a list of items that are not allowed on board under.


Can I take my sports equipment with me?

Your sports equipment will be transported at no extra charge as long as you do not exceed your baggage allowance will only be incurred if you take more items of baggage that are allowed, or if your baggage is heavier or larger than the standard. Register your sports baggage in plenty of time.

Sports equipment

I would like to take my drone with me on holiday. Can I?

Because there are restrictions in many countries, please contact our service center.

How heavy may my hand luggage be?

maximum 8kg

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