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Can I take a syringe into the aircraft for medical reasons?

Yes, but you need a medical certificate. Security checks might demand for one. We recommend that you have your medical certificate issued in English.

Can I take liquid medicines on board with me?

You can take any urgently required medicines in liquid form on board with you, but only the amount that you require on the flight. We suggest you bring a medical certificate (in English) with you for these medicines that you can present when you go through the security check.

What do pregnant women need to know?

You may fly on an Edelweiss flight up to the end of the thirty-sixth week of your pregnancy, that is to say, up to four weeks before your due date. For additional information, click on the link below:

travel for pregnants

What do I need to know as a diabetic?

Discuss your planned flight with your doctor. He or she will be able to tell you if you need an additional or reduced dose of insulin and whether to have another meal. Important: Present a valid prescription for insulin at security.

What do I need to know about deep-vein thrombosis?

When people sit for a long time and hardly move, there is a risk of blood pooling in the veins. Prevent thrombosis by drinking plenty, moving as much as possible and regularly stretching and bending your legs. At-risk patients should seek medical advice before travelling.

Can I still fly even if I am ill or have just had surgery?

Be particularly careful if you are acutely ill or have recently had surgery. Flying is physically demanding. Delay your flight if you don't feel quite up to the challenge. Passengers with acute diseases or who have recently had surgery are urgently advised to have a doctor check that they are fit to fly.

When do I need a medical certificate?

The following cases (this list is not complete) require you to have confirmation that you are fit to fly (SAF/MEDIF form): If you need to be carried on a stretcher.
If you need oxygen during the flight for medical reasons.
If your health is such that there are doubts whether you will survive the flight safely and without medical aid.
If you are suffering from a transferable disease or infection that could pose a direct risk to the health and safety of the other passengers.

I am wearing a cast. Can I still fly?

Persons with an arm or leg plaster cast which was fitted within 5 days (for long-haul flights) or 24 hours (for short-haul flights) before departure need a SAF/MEDIF-Form. The circular cast must be splitted.


I have both gluten or lactose intolerance can I still book a meal?

Yes, you can book a gluten- or lactose-free meal for your flight. Only one special meal can be ordered per passenger. Meals can be ordered up to, at the latest, four days before departure using the following link:

special meal

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