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Can I take my dog or cat into the aircraft cabin?

Yes, in a waterproof bag, animals (max. 8kg) are allowed in the passenger cabin, however, a reservation is required. You can find details here:

Flying with animals

Are animals given something to drink during the flight?

Unfortunately, animals cannot be given any food or drink, given that they travel in the luggage hold (which is lit and heated). Before departure, make sure your pet has enough water and food in the box for the entire duration of the trip.

Where at Edelweiss can dog transportation kennels be rented?

Edelweiss does not rent out any dog transportation kennels.

Where can dog transportation kennels be purchased?

At Swissport, Zurich-Airport, Supervisor Counter number 124 in Check-in Area 1, or in a good pet shop.

How much does it cost to transport my pet?

The price for transporting your pet depend on your destination and the size of the animal. You need to book your pet in plenty of time before your desired departure. Information on the charges can be found in the following chapter:

Flying with animals

Can my pet be transported unaccompanied as freight?

Your pet can also be transported unaccompanied as freight. In fact, some countries even require animals to be transported in the cargo hold. Even in this case, the safety and comfort of your pet will be the top priority for Edelweiss. Your pet will either travel on the same aircraft as you or on a different one. Contact SWISS WorldCargo in plenty of time before your desired departure to find out more about booking, the costs and how this service works.

What is the best way to transport my pet? Are there any legal requirements regarding transportation containers?

IATA, the international aviation authority, has defined various guidelines to protect your pet's well-being. For the sake of the animals, Edelweiss follows these requirements with regard to consistency, appearance and minimum size very closely. You will find the IATA guidelines here.

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