Discover typical Greek flair on Mykonos

Once upon a time, Hercules vanquished mighty giants and threw their petrified corpses into the sea. According to Greek mythology, those very bodies are what formed the island of Mykonos. Characterised by blue-shuttered, whitewashed houses, narrow streets and inviting tavernas, this island in the Aegean Sea embodies Greece in every way. Mykonos is blessed with a gentle year-round climate. That said, anyone looking to bathe in the sea waters will want to consider visiting the island in summer or autumn.

Water sports enthusiasts also get their money's worth in Mykonos. Whether snorkelling, diving, kiting, windsurfing or jet skiing - everyone will find the right beach here. And on a sailing trip you can discover the most beautiful sides of the island from the water.

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    02:25 h

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    1770 km

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Sightseeing in your Mykonos holidays

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    Like Santorini and many smaller islands, Mykonos belongs to the Cyclades archipelago. Perfect conditions for island hopping. Already the surrounding islands Rineia and Delos allow a change to the main island. View in maps
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    The Archaeological Museum and Aegean Maritime Museum tell stories of bygone times. The island of Delos is a historical site in itself. It was believed to be the place where Apollo was born. View in maps
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    Needless to say, when on Mykonos, a visit to the island’s iconic windmills should not be missed! View in maps
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    The Armenistis Lighthouse on Cape Armenistis offers spectacular vistas of the Aegean Sea and is an ideal place to watch the sun as it sets into the shimmering sea. View in maps

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