This Privacy Statement for California Residents supplements Edelweiss Air’s Privacy Notice and applies to you if you reside in California. It provides information on your privacy rights according to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) where they either differ or go beyond what is stated in our Privacy Statement.

Personal Information

We collect the following data (table according to the CCPA):

Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information

As detailed in our Privacy Statement, we share your personal information with the following categories of CCPA third parties:

  • Service providers
  • Affiliates of the Lufthansa Group
  • Airlines outside the Lufthansa Group
  • Partner companies
  • Third parties as required by law, such as authorities

Use of Personal Information

We use your Personal Information according to our Privacy Notice.

Your CCPA Rights

As a California resident, you have the following consumer rights:

  • Right to access your personal information
  • Right to deletion of your personal information
  • Right to prohibit the sale of your personal information
  • Right to non-discrimination for the exercise of your CCPA Rights, subject to certain exceptions


You may contact us for all privacy related matters at:

Edelweiss Air AG
Betrieblicher Datenschutzverantwortlicher (data protection officer)
P.O. Box
CH-8058 Zurich Airport