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Water Fun, Horses and a Maze – Tips for Family Holidays in Menorca

Walk to beach

Hide-and-seek in ancient fortresses, splashing in the water park, exploring underground caves and horseback riding on the beaches of Son Bou: there are plenty of experiences for the whole family to enjoy in Menorca. We will show you nine child-friendly excursions on this Balearic Island.


Adventures with Stone in Lithica

Lithica is a remnant of one of the region’s most traditional professions, “trencador” (stone masonry). Marés stones were once struck from the ground here and used to build houses on the island, creating a unique sculptural landscape. The site is now run by a foundation and is used as a leisure and cultural space. Here you can stroll through green gardens with mazes of plants and stones, and in the summer there are open-air concerts and theatre performances. The whole family can learn about working with stone in a stonemasonry workshop.

La Mola
La Mola

Speaking Colossus: The Fortress of La Mola

So much to see in La Mola: a former military prison, huge cannons with a range of up to 35 kilometres, endless steep underground paths and old gunpowder kegs. The mighty fortress near Mahón harbour was built in the 19th century as a military defence and is now one of the most important sights in Menorca. From here you also have a breath-taking panoramic view of the coast. Tip: listen to the exciting stories and turbulent events in one of Europe’s largest fortresses on a guided tour through the monumental walls.

Horseback riding on the beach
Signage at beach

Horseback Riding in Son Bou

Son Bou in south-east Menorca offers horseback riding for adults and children aged 3 and above. The routes pass through a section of the famous “Camí de Cavalls” hiking trail that sprawls all over the island. Here you can enjoy the landscape of the south coast on a leisurely horseback ride. Experienced riders can gallop along the trails or even attend a week’s dressage class. A horseback ride guarantees spectacular views over the beaches of Son Bou and Atalis.


Unspoilt Nature: s’Albufera d’es Grau

An impressive 5,000 hectare nature reserve extends across the north-east of the island, known as the green heart of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve. It narrowly escaped being built over in the 1970s and is now a real paradise for many endemic plant and animal species thanks to its unique weather conditions, a unique combination of wind, drought and salt. A hike through lush nature will reveal fish eagles, cormorants and water turtles that live and nest in the lagoon. Tip: set a challenge: who will be first to discover the Menorcan lizard?

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Boy enjoying time in cave
Cova des Coloms

A Magical Cave: Cova des Coloms

The Cova des Coloms (cave of the pigeons) in Binigaus gorge is so big that it is sometimes known as the “cathedral”. The magical atmosphere and archaeological finds also suggest that religious rituals were regularly performed here long ago. To explore the cave it is best to walk from the small municipality of Es Migjorn Gran where there is plenty of parking. Tip: after this excursion, it is worth following the footpath to Platja de Binigaus, one of the island’s most pristine beaches with shallow, crystal-clear waters.

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Girl enjoying the water slide

Power splashing: Splash Sur Water Park

You’ll find giant slides, wave baths and a very varied range of pools at the Splash Sur Water Park in Sant Lluís. Adrenaline junkies, and those who want to become one, can dare to experience the steep “kamikaze slide” or try the “bowl slide”. There are shallow pools for smaller children and a multitude of play settings with pirate ships and gentle fountains. You can fortify yourselves with burgers, pizza and pasta in the restaurant or the open buffet at the adjacent Sur Menorca Hotel; perfect for hot days and children who want to (or ought to) let off some steam. 

Harbour of Mahon
Yellow boat for harbour trip

Harbour Tour in Mahón

Mahón is the largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean with an astonishing length of just under six kilometres. A tour through the fjord-like harbour with its four islands offers views of its beautiful coves, fortresses and colonial houses. Travel in a yellow catamaran along the north coast (S’Altra Banda), the Spanish marine base, the Isla del Lazareto, a former quarantine island, and on to the fortress of La Mola. If the weather is favourable, you can see the extensive seagrass meadows and numerous fish through the glass bottom of the boat. The tour lasts an hour. Tickets are available online and on site. 


Petting in the Zoo

Native and exotic animals rescued by various European animal welfare projects have found a home for themselves at Lloc de Menorca. Here you can stroke donkeys, sheep, goats, cows and lemurs, as well as observe the reptiles from a safe distance. The zoo is committed to environmental protection and the animals’ welfare is top priority. In bad weather, you can stay inside in the aquarium and tropical house and enjoy a fascinating underwater world and colourful plants. The park is about a 15-minute drive from Mahón.

Diving trip

Explore Underwater Worlds: The Son Bou Diving Centre

Son Bou Scuba is a renowned diving centre under joint Dutch-German management. Experienced diving instructors will show you the colourful underwater world off the coast of Menorca, the mysterious cave of “Cueva Bonita”, affectionately referred to as “Swiss cheese” due to its many holes, or the impressive wreck of the “Malakoff”. Explorer dives are held daily for beginners aged 10 and above, starting from the waterfront. This allows even children to learn the basics of diving in a safe and relaxed environment.

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