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Sardinia With Children – All About Nature

This holiday island holds an unparalleled treasure: its wild nature. We show you where families can find the very best of Sardinia’s natural beauty.

Hiking down to cave
Stalactite cave

Neptune’s Mystery

The “Grotta di Nettuno” cave network stretches over four kilometres between rough rocky cliffs. Do you think the god of the sea still lives there? Anyway, in addition to mighty stalagmites and stalactites, you can also discover an underground saltwater lake. While the children discover why the various parts of the cave have names like “Organ room”, “ Palace room”, and the “Room of ruins”, the adults may remember the 1978 horror film “Island of the Fishermen”, which was filmed here. The stalactite cave in the north-west of Sardinia can be reached either by boat or via 650 steps along a steep wall – nothing happens at Neptune without a little adventure.

Grotta di Nettuno (German)

Where the Wild Deer Live

The macchia has a strong scent of resin and herbs, wild cats, and marten scurry through the underbrush. The typical Mediterranean shrubland region around Mount Arcosu is the largest in the Mediterranean and has been a WWF biosphere reserve since 2014. This protected area in the south of the island is primarily intended to bring children and young people closer to the special features of Sardinian nature. Hiking routes for all ages lead through the beautiful countryside, and guided tours increase the likelihood of spotting falcons, golden eagles, or even a deer. One tip for the perfect ending: a visit to the restaurant in the heart of the park, which serves Sardinian specialties made from regional produce.

Monte Arcosu (Italian)

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Beaches For All Occasions

Clean sand, a shallow seabed, and gentle waves: There are many things here to make a day at the sea fun for children. Everyone will feel relaxed at Ampurias beach: It is naturally child-friendly and is also supervised by lifeguards. There is also handicapped access to this strip on the north coast. In the east of Sardinia, the Torre di Barì beach, which also rents out pedal boats and kayaks, is considered a family paradise. Slightly older children can go snorkelling and discover the wondrous world of sea creatures in Cala Cipolla, a swimming bay to the south surrounded by cliffs.


Idyllic Natural Pools

Far away from touristic hustle and bustle, the Golgo plateau is located around the village of Baunei in eastern Sardinia. The small country church of San Pietro di Golgo is a good starting point for small hikes through the light oak forest. Tame goats and donkeys can often be found near the church, who like to be pet by children, while the adults can marvel at magnificent ruins of the Nuragic culture (around 1600 BC) right next to it . Another attraction is just a few minutes away: “Su Sterru”, the deepest sinkhole in Europe. From a viewing platform, you can look into the 270-metre-deep abyss before moving to the water pools of As Piscinas, an idyllic green oasis perfect for a picnic even on hot days.

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Aerial view of coast
Ice cream

To the Moon and Back

Wind and sand have moulded the granite rocks of Capo Testa into bizarre sculptures over thousands of years. Locals call the place on the northern tip of Sardinia “Cimitero dei Sassi”, the cemetery of stones, and even give animal names to individual rocks. These rocks are perfect for climbing around on and playing hide-and-seek. Children will probably come across one or two idyllic bathing bays – a welcome refresher. The “Valle della Luna” actually resembles a lunar landscape and is particularly fascinating in the long shadows of the setting sun. Another good way to end your day is a late afternoon ice cream in Olbia’s old town.

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Enjoyment Guaranteed: Farm Holidays

When Italian families decide to spend their holiday on a farm, or agriturismo, it’s not just to learn about everything that crawls, grows, and flourishes there. The highlight of a “Farm Holiday” is half board: good food, and plenty of it! Antipasti, pasta, main courses, cheese (some farms also produce their own cheese), desserts... everything (or almost everything) comes from the farm. There are olives, honey, fruit, fresh vegetables, and many other delicacies. Oftentimes, dinner takes place in a large room with the host family, so you can meet other guests in the evening. Not to mention the super bonus: the legendary as well as indestructible Italian child-friendliness!

Holiday in an Agriturismo

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