Cuban Beach Paradise

Varadero means “dry dock”. The origin of the name goes back to when ship’s captains anchored their vessels there for repair work. Situated in the northeast of Cuba, Varadero is famous for its palm-fringed white-sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Varadero Beach –referred to as Playa Azul by the locals– is one of the nicest in the Caribbean, and so is the Playa Larga in the Bay of Pigs. The picturesque village of La Conchita is near Playa Camacho, which, in turn, is next to Playa del Muerto that has some appealing rocky sections for snorkeler and scuba divers to explore.

Quick facts Varadero

Flight time

10:45 h


8260 km

Time difference

- 6 hours CET



A cup of cappuccino costs around

CHF 1.30

Natural oasis in the heart of the tourist stronghold

Those who want a change from all that beach life can practice their back- and downswing on the eighteen-hole golf course of the Varadero Golf Club, or spend time in one of the city’s charming parks. The renowned “Park of the 8000 cubicles” is today called “Centro Comercial Hicacos” and hosts various shops in lieu of the characteristic 8000 lockers (taquillas) that gave the park its original name. Josone Park features an artificial lake, a pool, a children’s playground, a miniature golf course, a bowling alley, bars and restaurants.

The Varahicacos Ecological Reserve is a natural oasis in the heart of the tourist stronghold. Tours along its hiking trails lead past the “Patriarca”, a giant cactus that is 500+ years old. Also located inside the Varahicacos Ecological Reserve is the Cueva de Ambrosio, a cave adorned with ancient drawings and pictographs on its walls.

Fun and History:
A Small Tour of Cuba

Humid summers, dry winters

Visitors who favour staying privately rather than in one of Varadero’s large hotel complexes can opt for a “Casa Particular”, a private home. The ambience in many of these lodgings is so homely guests feel like a member of the family. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are often also included. ;;; ;;; Cuban weather does not vary much between the respective seasons – in other words, temperatures are generally around 30 degrees Celsius. Cuba has a tropical savanna climate, which translates into fairly humid summers and dry winters. Travellers looking to avoid the rain are advised to visit Varadero between November and April. Having said that, the warm Cuban rain can be an experience worth having, making this beach paradise a place to visit at any time of the year.

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