Norwegian Island Dream

Fly with us across the Arctic Circle to Evenes in northern Norway and explore the breathtaking island paradise of Lofoten, an archipelago with more than 80 islands. You will be enticed by fairy-tale scenery, a picturesque coastline with steep cliffs, charming fishing villages and numerous outdoor activities.

Enjoy 24 hours of daylight on the Lofoten Islands during the summer months. The midnight sun turns night into day. A natural phenomenon that has always left a lasting impression and is perfect for anyone who likes to be active outdoors. For example, how about a surf session in Unstad, the northernmost surfing area in the world, a hike through the impressive landscape or a kayak trip into the deep fjords?



Facts & figures

  • Flight time

    3:40 h

  • Distance

    2585 km

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Edelweiss tips for Evenes/Lofoten

Sightseeing in your Evenes/Lofoten holidays

  • Lofoten Beach
    Beautiful white dream beaches and turquoise-coloured water await you on the Lofoten Islands - almost like in the Caribbean. Ideal for a walk, a picnic or - for the cold-resistant - even a cool refreshment. We particularly recommend Kvalvika beach, which is located in a secluded bay.
  • Evenes hiking views
    Numerous hiking trails wind their way around the imposing mountains, allowing you to explore the fantastic nature of the Lofoten Islands. From easy coastal walks to challenging mountain hikes, there is something for every level. You can look forward to spectacular views.
  • Viking Ship
    The Lofotr Viking Museum is a highlight if you want to find out more about Viking culture. The impressive replica of the largest longhouse of the entire Viking Age and the lively surroundings give you an impression of what everyday life must have been like for sailors 1,000 years ago.
  • Lofoten Handicraft
    Attention art enthusiasts! The breathtaking landscape of the Lofoten Islands has been attracting artists from all over the world for over 100 years. You will find countless museums, galleries and shopping opportunities for art and handicrafts on all the islands. (Photo credits @Visit Lofoten, photographer: Dan Mariner)
  • Hurtigruten
    How about a trip on the Norwegian mail ship line, the "Hurtigruten"? Embark in Harstad and experience the Norwegian coast, idyllic fishing villages and exciting cultural insights all the way to the North Cape and on to Kirkenes.
  • Sperm Whale Lofoten
    The Lofoten Islands are also an ideal starting point for whale watching. In summer, you have a good chance of spotting a sperm whale.

Flights to Evenes/Lofoten

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