Ancient Flair Meets Modern Times

Liberal-minded Amman is the political and cultural centre of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The city will fascinate you with its bustling and modern city centre and the majestic ruins of long-forgotten civilizations. Influenced by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and early Islamic culture, Amman is a city full of surprises like a citadel built on what was once one of the Seven Hills or the Roman theatre that is so well preserved that events are still held there regularly to this day.

The most famous place and one of Jordan’s main tourist attractions is the ancient rock city of Petra. The buildings, tombs, and temples built in red sandstone, are an architectural wonder. Jordan is an unparalleled holiday destination, perfect for travellers in search of places of worship steeped in history, quiet natural beauty, and stylish seaside resorts. It is a country of countless wonders that has set the stage for real and fictional adventurers like Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia.



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Sightseeing in your Amman holidays

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    The Amman Citadel is perched atop Citadel Hill (Jebel el Qala’a) and has served as a military and religious retreat for many centuries. Take your time to marvel at the Umayyad, Byzantine, Roman, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian temples and fortifications. View in Maps
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    The second century Roman Theatre can accommodate 6'000 people and is still used for performances to this day. It is also an excellent place from which to marvel at the Amman Citadel on the hill facing you . View in Maps
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    Souks are great places to try Jordanian food. One example is the Souq Al-Sukar, the beautiful and bustling downtown fruit and vegetable market that locals also frequent to buy their fresh produce. View in Maps
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    Taking a dip in the Dead Sea is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s impossible to go under thanks to the high salt content of the pleasantly warm water – and it’s a splendid feeling! The black mud is a soothing balm for the skin. View in Maps

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