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Scuba Diving

Marsa Alam

Diving Facts

Dive shops within 50 km

More than 30 (per holiday destination)

Best time to travel

October to December

Recommended diving suit

Wetsuit, 5 to 7 mm

Flight connections

Edelweiss recommendation

Abu Dabbab near Marsa Alam is deemed to be one of the nicest bays on the Red Sea. The famous coral reef above the wide sandy beach is a real highlight for divers and snorkellers. The seagrass beds in the middle of the bay attract large numbers of Cheloniidae (sea turtles) as well as the incredibly rare dugong. Special dugong tours are available in Marsa Alam and Hurghada (approx. 160 miles away).

Top Diving Spots in Egypt

Diving with sharks in Elphinstone

The cigar-shaped Elphinstone reef off the coast of Marsa Alam is among the world’s most exciting dive sites. It features crystal-clear water and an abundance of exotic animals, including dolphins, barracuda – and sharks. Not just any sharks, but whitetip and hammerhead sharks, which are almost extinct. Due to changing currents, the numerous caves and underwater plateaus are recommended for experienced advanced divers only. Divers can expect a unique, adrenaline-filled experience.

 Diving Elphinstone

A wreck diving paradise

The Red Sea may well hold the record for sunken ships: reefs, shallow waters and other obstacles make the waters treacherous, causing many ships to run aground. As many as seven wrecks lie at Abu Nuhas, less than 25 miles from Hurghada. The oldest and most beautiful wreck on the reef is the Carnatic, a British steamship, which ran aground in 1869. The French steamship Aida lies off the coast of the Brother Islands, approx. 80 miles north of Marsa Alam and approx. 90 miles southeast of Hurghada. Northeast of Hurghada lies the Thistlegorm, arguably one of the most famous wreck dives in the Red Sea. The British merchant navy ship was sunk by a German bomber plane in 1941. The freight on board was trucks, cars and motorcycles. There are even two shipwrecks on the seafloor of Hurghada Harbour.

Abu Nuhas

Diving safari in Egypt: A tour in the Red Sea

Reefs, wrecks and diverse underwater wildlife – everything divers could wish for! A diving safari is a journey through the literal highs and lows of the Red Sea. There is a wide range of liveaboards on offer. The following diving safari tour is definitely recommended: Departing from Hurghada, the first dive site is Shaab El Erg, which is known to offer frequent dolphin sightings. From there, the safari continues on to the Thistlegorm and the ship graveyard Abu Nuhas. The wrecks off the coast of the Brother Islands are home to grey reef sharks and thresher sharks. The seagrass meadow of Shaab Shona provides a lovely end to the safari.

Underwater Garden in Sharm El Sheikh

Not far from Naama Bay is situated the dive spot Far Garden with its large reef columns. Home to soft corals, small fish and large schools of glass fish. This dive site truly resembles a garden thanks to its diverse coral formations. But not only divers get their money's worth here. Snorkellers also enjoy the overwhelming coral reef here directly in front of the Sharm Plaza's hotel beach.

Underwater Garden Sharm El Sheikh

Diving in the Ras-Mohammed Nature Reserve

In addition to the breathtaking house reefs of some of the hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, the entire surrounding area of the popular holiday destination fascinates with its colourful underwater worlds. South of Sharm El Sheikh, in the Ras-Mohammed National Park, divers will find a magnificent variety of corals and fish thanks to the strong current. Numerous dive sites, including Shark & Yolanda Reef and Anemone City, give Ras-Mohammed almost cult status. When diving here, you will encounter barracudas, tuna, sea turtles or blue spotted rays, among others. A trip to the nature reserve is also worthwhile for a snorkelling adventure.

Diving Ras-Mohammed

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