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Family Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

Old city of Sharm El Sheikh

The desert city of Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai peninsula should be on the every family’s list of future holiday destinations. Edelweiss presents to you the best excursion destinations for every generation.

Buggy tour
Young couple on a buggy

Desert Sand and Wind

... and action! On a two or four-seater: a desert tour by buggy will bring snorts of laughter and shrieks of excitement from all family members over the age of 5. Are all the passengers buckled in properly? Then just put your foot on the accelerator: the expanse of the desert is ideally suited to this. The masses of sand are no problem for desert buggies. They can easily navigate steep hills and rough slopes. The very special desert atmosphere will ensure that all buggy enthusiasts have an unforgettable and exciting family experience.

Hollywood theme park
Hollywood Park in Sharm El Sheikh

Almost Like in Hollywood

Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh is an amusing mix of half theme park, half shopping mall, with numerous activities and attractions. The dinosaur park is popular with children with its animated stegosaurus and brachiosaurus dinosaurs. Pool and foam parties fulfil long-cherished dreams of the adults on Friday evenings. A special highlight for the whole family is the magnificent evening light show. Feels just like Hollywood? But also available in Egypt!

Colourful canyon

Rocky Adventure Playground

You can see desert cities like Sharm El Sheikh as just big outdoor adventure playgrounds. One of the most beautiful extends over 800 metres nearby: the Coloured Canyon. The canyon is considered one of most impressive natural wonders in Sinai due to its reddish-coloured rock formations that wind and snake through the landscape. In some places it’s so narrow that only one family member can fit between the walls at a time.

Kid in water park
Slides in water park

A Real Waterslide Paradise

The Red Sea certainly offers many benefits for beach visitors. For example, its pleasantly warm water temperature that remains around 22 degrees Celsius even in the winter months. But the water landscape in the Cleo Park can definitely match that with its natural flowing water. Young children in particular can let off steam in the water in a safe environment. A total of 22 slides provide the necessary change from sun loungers before you can comfortably lie back on a rubber ring in the Lazy River.


Old market

Souvenirs for Everyone

From papyrus rolls, mini pyramids and small pharaoh figures to spices, oils and sweet honey specialities, to bracelets, hieroglyph-shaped pendants or jewellery boxes: market stalls stretch out in rows in the Naama Bay Market and display often brightly coloured or seductively glittering souvenirs. The range is so great that every family member is sure to find the perfect memento. Small tip: Naama Bay is a natural bay perfect for time-out on the beach after a successful treasure hunt. But beware: don’t bury your treasure by mistake!

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Soho Square in Sharm El Sheikh

Winter Fun – And So Much More

The sun is warming up outside (almost too much), so are your children dreaming of ice skating? How fantastic is it then that you can glide smoothly or rapidly on skates in Sharm El Sheikh, even when it’s 40 degrees in the shade. Simply visit SOHO Square to do so. With its variety of activities, culinary and cultural programmes,  SOHO Square is a place that creates bridges between adults, children and nations in an original way. The good news: if you don’t want to go skating in shorts, you can also go bowling or enjoy a delicious Egyptian dinner, either before or after a sporty interval. 

Great Sphinx at the Giza Pyramid
The Pyramids of Giza

In the Footsteps of the Pharaohs

From Sharm El Sheikh it’s worth taking a one or two-day excursion to Cairo (about five hours by car) and visit one of humanity’s oldest structures: the Pyramids of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world. Giza’s 20-metre high and around 73-metre long Sphinx casts a distinctive spell on any visitors. This miraculous being with a lion’s body and human head has defied the passage of time for millennia. The Sphinx has seen centuries begin and end, empires rise and fall. If you stand in front of her and look into her eyes you feel small and finite, yet also protected at the same time. 

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