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A Dream Come True

Who hasn’t dreamed of this: A beach wedding in white, barefoot, and surrounded by palm trees. Only your closest friends are guests, and dinner is served to the sounds of the ocean. In Mauritius, this idea doesn’t have to remain a dream. A light breeze blows on the beach, the bride's long dress flutters in the wind, her toes touch the sand, her father leads her to the white archway where her partner is already waiting. The ceremony is romantic and intimate, and the celebration lasts until the sun rises over the waves the next morning. And if an extravagant wedding in Mauritius alone is not enough, you can even move the wedding to a catamaran or even under water!

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More than just Appearances

Wanting to get married in Mauritius is easy to understand and most couples dream about doing it. But as is often the case in real life, there are two sides to this dream. Marriage also means bureaucracy. In order for the dream ceremony to be recognised in Switzerland, and to be as beautiful as you hoped, you should be well prepared. It’s important to realise that this is not just a pretend ceremony in Mauritius, but that the marriage will be recognised in Switzerland.

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Preparation is Key

The only question that remains is: How can you turn your dream into reality? Various travel operators are true experts when it comes to making dreams come true in Mauritius. The staff not only help you choose the perfect destination, but are also well trained in organisation. Be sure to allow enough time, as a wedding ceremony can only be held two days after arrival at the hotel at the earliest. It is recommended to stay at least five nights. The timing should also be carefully chosen, as weddings are not performed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

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Documents and Certificates

There is also the matter of documents... What leads to confusion in many other places can also be quite complicated in Mauritius. Both partners are required to provide copies of the first three pages of their passports, their birth certificates, a confirmation of their place of residence, their job titles, and their civil status certificates. If one of the partners is divorced or widowed, the original marriage certificate and the divorce or death certificate are also required. All documents must be in English or French, and must be officially certified.


Submission of Documents

The good news, apart from all the necessary paperwork, is that you don’t have to submit the documents yourself if you use the services of Manta Reisen. As long as all the necessary documents are available at least six weeks before departure, you don't have to worry about anything. Just don’t forget: the documents have to be gathered regardless of where the wedding takes place. A further important point comes into play at the wedding ceremony itself: the Swiss consulate must certify the marriage certificate in Mauritius so that it is also recognised back at home. Again, the tour operator will help with the organisation.    

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The Most Beautiful Spots for a Dream Wedding

Getting married in Mauritius can be on the beach, but it doesn't always have to be. We present three very different but beautiful spots to get married. Our first tip is a classically beautiful spot for a storybook beach wedding in Mauritius: At LUX* Le Morne, guests are treated like royalty, and the staff have extensive experience with weddings on the beach or, if desired, in other areas of the hotel. The colourful tropical garden and the long white sandy beach offer a perfect wedding atmosphere and a backdrop for gorgeous keepsake photos.

Lux* Le Morne Hotel


The Most Beautiful Spots for a Dream Wedding

Our second tip is in the middle of the jungle: The Lakaz Chamarel is an exclusive hotel in the heart of the island’s countryside. Mass tourism: not here! With only 20 rooms, you don’t have to worry about other hotel guests disturbing your party. The incredible view over the Black River Gorges National Park from the infinity pool makes for a perfect honeymoon after the wedding ceremony. Our third tip is the little red chapel of Notre-Dame-Auxillatrice, which also permits Catholic weddings in Mauritius, but with a very special touch. The small pier offers a great view of the beach, lava rock, and the sea all the way to the Coin de Mire, a triangular island that is also a nature reserve.

Hotel Lakaz Chamarel

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