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5 Reasons for a Catamaran Tour in Mauritius

Catamaran Tour
Skipper on board of a Catamaran

Mauritius and the Ocean

Anyone visiting Mauritius should make sure to leave the main island and explore neighboring ones by boat or a catamaran. There are many providers offering different routes and here are at least 5 good reasons to book one.

Woman relaxing in the sun
Catamaran with approx. 20 guests

1. Pure Relaxation

A catamaran tour is a special activity that fills the whole day. It offers the ideal opportunity to unwind and simply soak up the tranquillity of the sea.

Barbecue time

2. Barbecuing Like the Locals Do

For many Mauritians, a BBQ on the beach with their family and friends is part of a good weekend. On many catamaran tours, you get a perfect taste of the Creole cuisine with grilled fish, meat and vegetables.

Island with a history: Île aux Fouquets
Lighthouse on the island is as a great photo spot.

3. Discovering Lighthouse Island

The island of Île aux Fouquets, also known as Lighthouse Island, is of coral origin and gets its name from the lighthouse that was built there. This is a relic from the time when the main harbor was located on the southeast side of Mauritius and navigated ships through the coral reef. Today, the lighthouse is a ruin and a great photo location.

Blue sea and white sand on Ils aux Cerf
Long beach walks on Ils aux Cerf

4. White Beaches on Ils aux Cerf

Ile aux Cerfs is a beautiful island famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. The island also offers a wide range of restaurants, water sports and activities on land.

Jump into the water and cool down on a hot day

5. Jump in to New Worlds

A hot summer's day on the catamaran invites everyone to cool off in the deep blue sea. The best way to do this is to pack your diving goggles, snorkel and fins and discover the underwater world in full peace.

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