Skyline of Calgary
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Diversity in Action: Take a Tour of Calgary

Skyline of Calgary

Discover East Village

Alberta’s largest city, Calgary is a perfect starting point for roundtrips of western Canada. It is worth planning some time here on arrival or before you depart since the city itself is certainly deserving of a visit. If you can only manage a day, you should spend it watching the sunrise at the Bow River in East Village. The Riverwalk is a trail that takes you on a tour of the oldest part of the city. It offers views of the river and little St. Patrick’s Island, but also of East Village’s converted warehouses. You will find numerous post-industrial-style cafés including the Sidewalk Citizen Bakery within the Simmons Building. For a truly Canadian breakfast, enjoy some pancakes – with maple syrup, of course!

Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

Dragon City Mall
Chinese Cultural Centre

Homage to Beijing

No matter how modern Calgary may be, the city has not forgotten its cultural roots. The history of immigration is evidenced in the many multicultural neighbourhoods, one of them being Chinatown. Here, you can gain insight into the two countries’ shared history. Calgary’s Chinatown is among the most expansive neighbourhoods in all of Canada. In addition to its many restaurants, small shops, and the Dragon City Mall, you will also find Chinese-style architectural landmarks. Among them is Calgary’s Chinese Cultural Centre that was modelled after the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. It is sure to impress with its colourful ceiling paintings.

Calgary Chinatown

Stephen Avenue
Calgary Tower

Shopping in Downtown

Stephen Avenue in Downtown is the place to go if you are looking to do a little shopping in the afternoon. This is where you will find the best shops in Calgary and much of the road is a pedestrian zone from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The CORE is a multi-level fashion department store for luxury brands; but if fashion fails to float your boat, not to worry since Downtown Calgary also has lots of traditional shops. Lammle’s Western Wear, e.g., is the perfect shop for western riding-style clothing. Straight opposite is the city’s main landmark: the 190-metre-high Calgary Tower, a TV tower with a viewing platform and a revolving restaurant. It is even the home of Calgary’s tourist information centre.

Calgary Tower

Carry Theater
Ironwood Stage and Wood

Evening Tunes in Inglewood

The neighbourhood of Inglewood is a little further east on the Bow River and it is the perfect place to relax in the evening – all while enjoying excellent music. Among the locals, Inglewood is also known as the ‘Music Mile’ since it is home to countless concert halls and clubs. Calgary is, in fact, known as the ‘Nashville of the North’ and is the perfect destination for anybody who loves country music. The best place to enjoy a rustic dinner with live music is the Ironwood Stage and Grill, where you can listen to a wide array of concerts from Folk to Jazz. How about trying your hand at music yourself and enjoying one of their regular open mic evenings?

Ironwood Stage & Grill

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