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How much does it cost to transport scuba diving equipment?

The following scuba diving equipment is offered free of charge: 1 bag containing one empty tank bottle, 1 bag containing diving accessories such as snorkel, fins, wetsuit, BCD-jacket, mask, lamp (please check dangerous goods regulations)

Sports equipment


What do I need to do if I want to bring a bicycle with me?

Bicycles can be checked-in regularly (well packed to avoid any damage). Please note that E-Bikes cannot be accepted due to security reasons, unless the battery is not being transported. The charges you can find here:

Sports baggage


Can I take a firearm on board with me?

You are not allowed to take firearms on board with you. Special rules apply for the transportation of sporting and hunting weapons and ammunition. Weapon and ammunition need to be packed in separate containers and checked in one or more items of baggage. Find out more about taking sporting and hunting weapons with you in the chapter

Sports equipment

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