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And Action! Outdoor Experiences in the Lofoten Islands

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When the Line Tightens - Fishing on the Coast

After a long wait, the line suddenly pulls taut, slackens briefly and immediately snaps in your hands again. There it is, that longed-for Hemingway moment. Then a big fish, a coalfish perhaps, or a cod or halibut, has made a beeline for the lure. Fishing off the rocks of Lofoten, the rugged islands on Norway's Atlantic coast, has something of a battle with the forces of nature. In Ballstad, from Sjøstrand Rorbuer, daily tours are offered on the 47-foot-long "Iversen Jr.", which takes you fishing on the Vestfjord. With overnight accommodation on request - a paradise for hobby anglers, a sea adventure for families.


Feel Your Own Strength - Paddling off Skrova

In the small fishing village of Skrova on the island of the same name, which is also known (almost seriously) as the "Hawaii of the Lofoten Islands" due to its many hours of sunshine, not only fishing boats are launched into the water, but also kayaks. The small boats are a popular way of exploring the crystal-clear waters between the islands and catching a special view of the rugged coastline. The kayak glides through the water along rocks close to the shore, white sandy beaches and bays, and lucky travellers can also spot sea eagles from here. If you spend a few hours on the boat, don't forget provisions and sunglasses.

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The Perfect Overview - Hiking on the Reinebringen

The most popular hike on the Lofoten Islands leads to Reinebringen. It starts in the village of Reine with a short and steep climb up the mountainside to the rocky ridge above the village. The photos from the top are globally famous thanks to Instagram - no wonder, it feels similar on the cone to the Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. A few years ago, stone steps were laid at Reinebringen to protect the mountain, but on the many other routes on the islands, you can still find the natural paths on which brave hikers scramble up and down again.


Finger Exercises - Climbing in Henningsvær

Fingers and toes have to find the vertical routes: Rock climbers have already discovered the granite walls of the Lofoten Islands and can find more than 200 routes in their mobile apps. High above the turquoise waters, with endless islands and rugged mountain peaks in the background, the archipelago is a unique destination for amateur and an increasing number of professional climbers. The village of Henningsvær is considered a mecca. On one of the offshore islands, the people of Henningsvær have created a now legendary grass pitch: If you want to relax after a strenuous climb, go and play football.


The Perfect Waves - Surfing off Unstad

The sea crashes against the cliffs with full force, small bays with astonishingly fine grains of sand jostle between the steep coasts. The wild waves of the cold Nordic salt water break in front of them. The Lofoten Islands are an insider's tip among passionate surfers, with waves of various sizes finding their way onto the beaches. The gently rising seabed guarantees ideal breaks practically every day, which beginners, hobby surfers and professionals alike can ride. Among surfing insiders, Flakstad and Unstad in particular have emerged as ideal spots.

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Just Dive in - Snorkelling in Ballstad

Who says that snorkelling is only really fun in tropical waters? Beneath the shimmering surface of the vast waters of the Lofoten archipelago is a sight just as beautiful as the rest of the archipelago. Hidden in the underwater world of northern Norway are sea urchins and starfish, jellyfish, large fish and crabs, mystical fields of algae glow in a dark green colour. Excursions to the most beautiful snorkelling spots in Lofoten are organised in Ballstad, with wetsuits or dry suits depending on the weather.

Horseback riding
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Your Own Pace - Horseriding on Gimsøy

On Gimsøy, you can hop on the back of an Icelandic horse and explore the island at a reasonable speed. Hov Gård offers tours for beginners and experienced riders that take you past sandy beaches, old monuments from the Viking Age and the small fishing harbour of Hovesund. Afterwards, you can savour homemade cakes in the Låven Café at the riding stables or stay overnight at the associated campsite. Tip: Book a place in the sauna on the beach to warm up properly after your riding excursion.

Check out your tour by Hov Gard

Sailing adventure

The Wind as a Friend - Sailing in the Trollfjord

The fjords of the Lofoten Islands are deeply incised bodies of water carved by glaciers, a surreal mix of towering cliffs and calm waters. One of the most beautiful in Norway is the astonishingly narrow Trollfjord, located between the Lofoten Islands and the Vesteralen archipelago. It can be travelled wonderfully by sailing boat. The journey begins in the fishing village of Svolvær, from where the skipper navigates the boat through the gentle waters and towards the island of Stormolla.

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