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Am I allowed to smoke on board Edelweiss?

No, all Edelweiss flights are non-smoking flights (incl. electronic cigarettes, smoke-imitating and alternative products).


Does Edelweiss give out any passenger information?

No information about passenger and crew members is given out.


Can I take alcohol on board the aircraft?

Alcohol which has been purchased in the Duty-Free Shop can be taken on board. However, the consumption of self-brought alcohol within the aircraft is prohibited.


Where can Edelweiss Logo Items be purchased?

During your flight on board.


Where do I find the Edelweiss Shop?

We are currently working on a new Edelweiss Shop and will inform our customers via our newsletter as soon as it is available.

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Where can I activate the SMS service?

Since the migration to a new booking engine, your mobile phone number will be stored during the booking process. In case of flight schedule changes, our passengers will be informed automatically.


How and where can I participate in the customer survey?

You can participate in the survey if you received an invitation with a personal login code on a flight with us. To access the survey, please click on the following link. You can enter your personal login code and select your preferred language on the first page.


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