What would you like to eat?

Whether for health, religious or ethnic reasons, we offer a wide range of special menus to accommodate the most diverse culinary requests. Tip: It's a good idea to order your special meal while you are making your booking. Please note that some special meals are not available on every short-haul route.


We take passengers with food allergies into consideration. For production reasons, however, it is not possible to offer dishes without any traces of peanuts. The menus and snacks on board may contain nuts or peanut-based ingredients. We recommend that people with severe allergies consider possible reactions and have their own emergency medicine with them. If necessary, you can also bring your own food, which does not need to be cooled or reheated on board. If in doubt, the person concerned must clarify their condition with their doctor in advance.

BBML - Baby meal (0–24 months)

Baby food, consisting of a jar of vegetable purée and a jar of fruit purée.

CHML - Child meal (2–12 years)

A balanced child-appropriate meal without hot spices.

AVML - Asian vegetarian meal

Indian style meal without meat, fish, eggs, poultry, pork lard or gelatine products.

VGML - Vegan meal

Western dish without meat or fish, egg or dairy products.

VLML - Vegetarian meal lacto ovo

Western dish without meat or fish, but with egg and dairy products.

NLML - Lactose-free meal

Well-balanced dish without ingredients containing lactose.

GFML - Gluten intolerant meal

Special menu available without cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats) and starch.

LFML - Low fat meal

All ingredients with low fat and no cholesterol.

LSML - Low salt meal

Lightly seasoned meal, reduced salt and low in sodium.

HNML - Hindu meal

The meal is prepared in accordance with religious requirements. It may contain lamb, poultry or fish. It will not contain beef or dairy products. If you would like an Indian vegetarian meal, please select the "Asian Vegetarian Meal".

KSML - Kosher meal

These meals are prepared, packed and sealed exclusively by a rabbi in compliance with Jewish dietary laws.

MOML - Moslem meal

This meal is prepared in accordance with religious dietary laws and contains no pork.

You can also order your special meal after you have completed your booking. Special menus will only be on board if they are ordered in good time. Please let us know at least 4 days before departure if you want one of our special meals.