Sustainable Choices

We can only achieve our CO2 targets together with our customers and partnerships. Together with SWISS and the Lufthansa Group, Edelweiss relies on a broad selection of offers to make individual air travel more sustainable. We will successively introduce further products to the market and involve customers and partners in the transformation process.

Investments in climate protection projects during booking on

Together with our strong partner myclimate, we promote the implementation of carbon offset projects. In this way, we create the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions generated by flight operations over a longer period of time.  

Myclimate already calculates the resulting CO2 emissions during the booking process on and invests in carbon offset projects worldwide through the contribution of our guests.

Individual design options of our Sustainable Choices powered by Compensaid.

Even independently of your flight booking, you have the opportunity to make your journey more sustainable. Make your contribution and reduce the Co2 emissions of your flight by using sustainable aviation fuel or invest the amount of your flight-related emissions in high-quality climate protection projects:

Depending on how much you want to contribute and how quickly you want the measures to take effect, you can choose from three options.

  • Offset flight-related CO₂ emissions by contributing to high-quality climate protection projects to the extent of your flight-related CO₂ emissions.
  • Reduce flight-related CO₂ emissions by using sustainable aviation fuels.
  • Combination of both

Coming soon

Green Fare for flights in Europe

With just one click, you can make your Edelweiss flights within Europe more sustainable via our booking channel

If you choose a Green Fare, your flight will be made more sustainable through a fixed combination of the use of sustainable aviation fuels (20% reduction in flight-related CO₂ emissions) and a contribution to high-quality climate protection projects (80% offset of flight-related CO₂ emissions).