Responsibility for our home country

We assume responsibility in our home country, strengthen the Swiss economy and promote tourism. Our specific commitment includes the promotion of tourism in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism (Schweiz Tourismus) and collaborations with the National Future Day (Nationaler Zukunftstag), SVA Zürich (social insurance office) and partnerships with Swiss suppliers.

Promotion of tourism in Switzerland

The “Edelweiss” is a symbol of Switzerland. We take pride in carrying the image of this beautiful alpine flower in our name and logo. As a Swiss airline, we are deeply committed to conveying delight and enthusiasm for our country to tourists from all over the world. Thus, in 2016, we began naming our aircraft after Swiss alpine regions where the Edelweiss flower grows. First in line were “Blüemlisalp” in the canton of Bern, “Piz Corvatsch” in the canton of Grisons, “Chäserrugg” in the canton of St. Gallen and “Melchsee-Frutt” in the canton of Obwalden. Thanks to our partnerships with Switzerland Tourism and the various tourism regions, we can carry the beauty of our home country into the world.

National Future Day (Nationaler Zukunftstag)

The National Future Day gives children the chance to experience their parents’ day-to-day work first-hand. As a family-friendly company, we make sure our employees’ offspring spend a great day at the airport. The children gain insight into the various aspects of flight operations. They see what it takes for our crews and aircraft to be ready on time so that our passengers -baggage and catering included- can take off to the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world.

Child at the airport

Photo source: Zurich Airport

Cooperation with SVA Zürich

The SVA (social insurance office) in Zurich helps people with mental, physical or social issues to reintegrate in working life. To that end, and to the extent possible, Edelweiss, as a partner of the SVA, provides integrative jobs.

Swiss specialities

We honour our heritage by serving passengers products that reflect our roots, including bread from Bertschi bakery, baked goods from Kambly, Birchermüesli from Bonatura and Swiss Biberli (gingerbread filled with almond paste). Guests on board our long-haul flights can enjoy them with a glass of our Alpine Ice Tea by Swiss Alpine Herbs.

  • Beverages from Ramseier (apple, orange and tomato juice), Nespresso (coffee), Quöllfrisch (beer), Sirocco (teas) and Wyhus Belp (wine from Swiss abroad "Fünfte Schweiz")
  • Food on board from Beyeler AG (salad dressing), Bischofberger (“Biberli“ biscuits), Bonatura (Birchermüesli ), Emmi (dairy products), Hero (jam), Läderach and Lindt & Sprüngli (pralines), Mövenpick (ice cream), Swiss Alpine Herbs (Alpine Ice Tea)
  • Other: Berndorf (cutlery)

Culinary delights made with ingredients from your destination

Because a comfortable journey with good food gets sets the right mood for a holiday, we have a culinary surprise in store for all our passengers departing from Zurich: a delectable dessert featuring an ingredient from one of our holiday destinations. The special ingredient will give passengers a taste of the holiday to come – or serve as inspiration for their next trip. For example, delicious mango, to ignite tropical Thai vibes and visions of Phuket while enjoying dessert up above the clouds. The holiday destination and special ingredient change every three months.