Zurich Airport, 16 April 2024

Board of the pilots' association AEROPERS still refuses to continue CLA negotiations with Edelweiss despite concrete offer

· Edelweiss' offer of a 15% increase in the wage bill is not accepted by the AEROPERS Board of Directors

· The AEROPERS board's demand would mean a 50% increase in cockpit crew costs, which is simply not realistic for Edelweiss and is unacceptable from a business perspective

· Edelweiss is still interested in continuing constructive negotiations with the aim of maintaining a sustainable social partnership

After AEROPERS broke off negotiations on a new cockpit CLA last Friday, Edelweiss renewed its offer yesterday and submitted concrete implementation proposals that are within the company's capabilities. This proposal is also not accepted by AEROPERS.

The Edelweiss offer includes more pay, higher profit-sharing and better individual flexibility

The specific offer still provides for a 15% increase over 4.5 years. This is in light of the fact that Edelweiss has already paid an additional 2% to all pilots as of January 2023, on a non-contractual and voluntary basis, and that large parts of the losses from the coronavirus period will be credited back to employees in April 2024.

The offer includes not only a cost-of-living adjustment, which applies retroactively and for the future, but also other improvements, such as an increase in wages, higher profit-sharing and measures for significantly better planning of social life. Furthermore, pilots have the opportunity to improve their remuneration either by increasing their productivity or by increasing their flexibility. In addition, Edelweiss is offering new, voluntary working time models to meet individual needs even better.

Edelweiss already offers competitive remuneration and working conditions as well as an excellent pension fund solution. Cockpit employees are the only staff group at Edelweiss to benefit from 26% pension fund contributions, which are paid in full by the employer.

"AEROPERS' demands are far beyond our entrepreneurial capabilities. The package they are demanding would increase our cockpit costs by around 50%. We are open to dialogue on all issues, but at the same time we are committed to ensuring the future viability of Edelweiss. The disproportionate increase in cockpit costs would also mean that our investment plans for more environmentally friendly aircraft could no longer be realised as planned," says David Birrer, Chief Operating Officer of Edelweiss.

Edelweiss takes note of AEROPERS' position and is prepared to resume negotiations at any time with the aim of continuing a sustainable social partnership.

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