Zurich Airport, 11 April 2023

Edelweiss Enters Into Cooperation With Soeder

Edelweiss fragrance as soap and lotion on the planes. Sustainably produced in Switzerland. Less environmental impact thanks to refill.

In the coming weeks, all Edelweiss aircraft will be equipped with a new fragrance. Dispensers with soap called "Jungle Bloom" will be installed in the lavatories of the short- and medium-haul Airbus A320 aircraft. In the long-haul Airbus A340 aircraft, the "Ginger Voyage" Soeder lotion will also be used. The two fragrances were developed especially for Edelweiss in close cooperation between Edelweiss and Soeder.

When choosing the manufacturer and the products, Edelweiss attached importance to sustainable production. The ideal partner was found in Soeder. Martin Rast, Head of Product & Services at Edelweiss, explains: "Soeder's care products are made exclusively with natural ingredients in our own soap factory in Schwerzenbach near Zurich. In addition, Soeder lives the philosophy of the so-called refill. This means that we do not throw away empty dispensers, but refill them each time. In this way, we help to reduce waste."

The first aircraft were converted these days and are already flying around the world with the new scent. The other aircraft will also be converted in the coming weeks.



Selection of pictures of the Soeder soap "Jungle Bloom" and the Soeder lotion "Ginger Voyage”


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Andreas Meier
Head of Corporate Communications
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