The “Environmental Cost Surcharge” applies to Lufthansa Group marketed and operated flight segments departing from the EU-27 countries, as well as from Great Britain, Norway, and Switzerland.

The surcharge covers part of the steadily increasing costs that arise from legislative environmental regulations such as the SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) mandate by the European Union (“ReFuelEU Aviation”), adaptations of the European ETS (“Emission Trading System”) scheme and other related national and international laws.­

Lufthansa Group informs passengers about the “Environmental Cost Surcharge” applying for their respective flight ticket: 

*Exemption: Surcharge does currently not apply to EW tickets that are sold on

Lufthansa Group Airlines

Surcharge applies if the flight segment is marketed and operated by any of the following Lufthansa Group airlines:

- 4Y (Discover Airlines)

- EN (Air Dolomiti)

- EW (Eurowings)[1]

- LH (Lufthansa)

- LX (Swiss International Airlines)

- OS (Austrian Airlines)

- SN (Brussels Airlines)

- VL (Lufthansa City Airlines)

- WK (Edelweiss)

Geographical Scope

Departure flight segments originating from:
EU-27 + CH, GB, and NO

Effective Date

- Effective for tickets issued on/after 26th June 2024
- Effective for departures on/after 1st January 2025


Surcharge applies to all sales channels and to all point of sales (Exceptions: tickets sold in IR, as well as journeys/tickets from HK and from/to JP)


Depending on the fare rules of the ticket


- Any train and bus segments

- Infants not occupying a seat

Environmental Cost Surcharge Amount

Surcharge amounts for short-to medium-haul flights:

  • Economy Class: from CHF  1 to CHF 5 / 1 € to 5 €
  • Business Class: from CHF  1,50 to CHF 7 / 1,50 € to 7 €


Surcharge amounts for long-haul flights:

  • Economy Class: from CHF 6 to CHF 12 / € 6 to € 12
  • Premium Economy Class: from CHF 9 to CHF 18 / € 9 to € 18
  • Business Class: from CHF 18 to CHF 36 / € 18 to € 36
  • First Class: from CHF 36 to CHF 72 / € 36 to € 72

On the Edelweiss website, the surcharge amount will be displayed as a sum of the International/Domestic Surcharge and Environmental Cost Surcharge for an interim period.