What does the assignment look like after the basic course?

After the basic course, you will complete six introductory flights with an experienced cabin crew member as your supervisor. This will also evaluate your technical and social skills. This is followed by a four-month assignment on short-haul routes. It will then also be used on the long-haul network. Here again, six introductory flights are planned before a single mission takes place.


The conversion to Business Class takes place after about a year.

What does an average deployment plan look like?

The deployment plan is published on the 15th of the previous month. Minimum Fridays in Zurich: 8 days, (approx. 10 days on average).

Is there a reserve service? And what does this look like?

A reserve service of 18 days at a time is planned twice a year. During this time, you can be planned for an assignment at short notice. The individual reserve days are defined more precisely on the evening before at the latest (start and end of the reserve service.) You are obliged to be ready for work at Zurich Airport within one hour. However, it is also possible that you will find out about a possible flight assignment a few days in advance.

Can I influence my monthly plan?

Yes, there is a so-called request and bidding system. This gives you an influence on your deployment plan. You can request rotations or Fridays and influence the deployment plan with different parameters: operational area, operational times (mornings or evenings), preferred partner, etc. However, there are no guarantees. The seniority principle applies.

Is there a minimum stay?

Since you can only be used on all aircraft types and classes after one year, we expect a minimum stay of two years.

When can I fly long-haul?

Long-distance use takes place after about four months.

Can I start with a part-time position?

no Entry is 100% workload. A part-time employment contract can be applied for after two years at the earliest.

When is high season at Edelweiss?

Edelweiss is the leading Swiss leisure airline. Therefore, the general holiday periods (spring, summer, fall and Christmas/New Year) are the peak seasons.

What development opportunities do I have?

If you are suitably qualified and operationally possible, you can apply to become an introductory cabin crew member or a senior cabin crew member and develop further in this way. You are also welcome to apply for all other vacancies within Edelweiss Air.

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