Conditions of participation

This competition is only open to individuals of legal age capable of acting on their own behalf who live in Switzerland, Germany or Austria. Edelweiss Air AG employees and their family members as well as agencies commissioned by Edelweiss Air AG and their employees are excluded from participation. Underage individuals may take part in the promotion, but are excluded from the competition. Participation in the Edelweiss Air AG competition is free of charge and independent of any purchase of products or use of paid services. Each participant is only permitted to take part once and is required to submit the correct personal information. The competition organiser is entitled to exclude participants that use pseudonyms or false identities or who have registered multiple times from the competition. Furthermore, the competition organiser reserves the right to prohibit individuals from participating in the competition if it is suspected or determined that they have violated the terms of participation or for other good cause. The competition organiser is entitled to make changes to the competition structure as well as to suspend, cancel or prematurely end the competition if they can provide evidence of good cause.

Determining and informing the winners

Once the winners have been determined, they shall be informed in writing via e-mail address / contact information provided. Winners are required to respond within 30 days. Otherwise, their prize shall be forfeited.

Distribution of prizes

Prizes shall be distributed only to prize-winners. Prizes shall be in the form of merchandise. They may not be exchanged or redeemed for equivalent cash value. Flight vouchers cannot be passed on or sold to third parties. Flight vouchers are redeemable only on flights with departure from Zurich operated by Edelweiss. An extension of the flight voucher is not possible.

Legal recourse

No correspondence shall be entered into with regard to the contest. No legal recourse is possible. No grounds exist for an actionable claim for delivery payment of the prize in cash or exchange of the prize.