Responsibility for our homeland

Edelweiss is Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline and is based at Zurich Airport. We take responsibility in our home country, strengthen the Swiss economy and promote tourism.

We fly to over 80 dream destinations in over 30 countries worldwide. The aviation industry is an important labour market factor in Switzerland. In Switzerland, around 190,000 jobs are linked to aviation.

In order to create value for all stakeholders, we need to generate long-term profitability. This is the only way we can invest money in new and more efficient aircraft, which in turn guarantees connections to the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. 

We emphasise our roots with products from Switzerland. We are looking for suitable local trustworthy partners in all areas. Because we are convinced that trust creates quality. 

Tourism promotion in Switzerland

As a Swiss airline, we are committed to attracting tourists from all over the world to our country. Edelweiss is a symbol of our homeland. We proudly carry this beautiful alpine flower in our name and logo. Since 2016, we have been naming our aircraft after regions where the Edelweiss flower grows. As a sign of our partnership, wooden Edelweiss benches in the form of an aircraft seat are situated at the most beautiful viewing points in Switzerland. 

Our customers

We live values that people worldwide prize in Switzerland and represent our home with pride and joy. We use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to determine whether and how we do this. The NPS is an index that provides information about the satisfaction, loyalty and retention of our guests. We use it to measure willingness to recommend. The NPS is the leading indicator of customer satisfaction of the Lufthansa Airline Group. We are proud of our many guests who recommend us and we are constantly working to discuss all customer feedback with the respective departments and encouraging the departments in their work or introducing improvement measures.