Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of two members and has been chaired by Dieter Vranckx since January 2021.

  • Dieter Vranckx


  • Markus Binkert


  • Karl Ulrich Garnadt


Management Board Members

Our Management Board consists of three members. Bernd Bauer was appointed CEO in September 2014.

  • Bernd Bauer Bernd Bauer

    Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer

  • Patrick Heymann Patrick Heymann

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • David Birrer David Birrer

    Chief Operating Officer


Extended Management Board Members

Our Management Board is complemented as follows:

  • Markus Gander Markus Gander

    Chief Product Officer

  • Lorenz Thöni Lorenz Thöni

    Chief Technical Officer / Captain