Well Looked After on Your Flight

Every Edelweiss flight is equipped with a medical set and a doctor’s kit. Furthermore, our Cabin Crew members have first aid training. Please consult your GP about any health questions you may have before your flight. Should you develop physical complaints or feel unwell during the flight, do not hesitate to approach a Cabin Crew member.

Essential Medicines or Syringes on Board

As an exception to the security measures, you may carry the quantity of essential liquid medicines –e.g. for diabetics- and syringes required for the duration of your trip (flight and transfer) in your hand luggage. For that purpose, you are recommended to obtain a doctor’s certificate in English and travel with it in your hand luggage. If you wish to take your own medical equipment on board, please inform us via medicalservices@flyedelweiss.com. As the case may be, you will need clearance from Edelweiss.

See the following link for more information on special health situations:

Special health situations

Unsure whether you should or are permitted to fly?

We recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor beforehand and clarify all preparations necessary for travel. Book your flight at the latest two days before departure and let us know your wishes by e-mail to medicalservices@flyedelweiss.com.