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Hikers on new volcano

Surely you've always wanted to do a hike to the new volcano Tajogaite on La Palma, right? Yes, you read that right: a new volcano, a unique adventure that deserves to be framed by more unusual activities. The small Canary Island offers good opportunities to make your holidays special - from cave expeditions in a sea kayak to a bird's eye view of paragliding to fantastic tasting bananas and real challenges for running enthusiasts - our tips help to create strong impressions you will never forget.

New volcano on La Palma

Tajogaite - the New Volcano

It is still steaming, but the new volcano Tajogaite, which rose from the earth on La Palma between September and December 2021, has calmed down considerably. The lava flows from the ruptured earth crust, under which the towns of Todoque, El Paraíso and parts of La Laguna and Las Norias were buried, have long since cooled. They have turned about ten percent of the island into a kind of lunar landscape. No one is allowed to enter this area alone yet. But it does have some guided tours, in which 14 people can take part at a time. No one should miss the spectacular views of Tajogaite and its lava masses.

Kayak tour at sunset
Kayak tour at sunset

Discovering Hidden Places: Kayaking on the Atlantic Ocean

You can only get there from the water: The most beautiful caves and beaches on the island can be found by kayaking, for example in the maritime protected area on the southern west coast. Here, El Remo would be a suitable starting point. Or you can go to Porís de Candelaria, to Smuggler's Bay - here cave houses have been built into a 50-metre-high rock overhang. From there you go by boat to the Cueva Bonita, where you can experience a wonderful spectacle of light and colour in the afternoon. The special sea kayaks with their bulkheads and spray decks are easy to handle even in waves.

Kayak tours and paragliding

Stars and milky way

Stargazing in the Observatory

The clear starry sky over La Palma fascinates astrotourists from all over the world. The largest observatory in the northern hemisphere is located on Roque de los Muchachos. The guides there are super knowledgeable and happy to welcome guests. So is Bodegas Teneguía, which produces quality wines from the Malvasia grape grown here. Together with the Starlight Guides from Ad Astra La Palma, they offer the programme "Wine & Moon": a guided tour through the winery, a lecture about the grape harvest in the moonlight, anecdotes and a wine tasting. At the end, participants can look at the moon through a telescope.

Runner in competition

For Running Maniacs: The Transvulcania Marathon

Ultra-hard routes over the volcanoes, with boulders and lava, altitude differences and climatic changes, in short: sheer madness. The Transvulcania by UTMB® Marathon, which takes place every year at the beginning of May on La Palma, covers four trails (72, 50, 28 and 1.5 kilometres), so it's not for beginners. For this ultra marathon, trail runners need a performance level of at least 420 points in the 100-km run category or 400 in the 50-km race category. Those who want to take part can register with the organiser UTMB® from November. All others can cheer on the trail runners in good condition during the race.

Hike with a view

Picnic or Paragliding: The Best Views

A bench and a table in the open air, along with an enchanting landscape or sea panorama and a finely filled picnic basket - that's all you need for a very special meal. There are beautiful picnic areas in Los Tilos (San Andrés y Sauces), at the Laguna de Barlovento or, especially nice for barbecuing, in the recreation area Las Mimbreras (Barlovento), at the Refugio del Pilar (El Paso), Fuente de los Roques or at the Montaña El Toscal (Villa de Mazo). The very best view over La Palma, however, is to be had by paraglider pilots or adventure-seekers who dare to take a tandem flight. The island, with its stable thermals and many good launch sites, is considered one of the best places in the world for paragliding.


Really Wild: The Organic Bananas from Ecofinca Platano Lógico

Francisco Javier García Lázaro had created a functioning ecosystem with his Ecofinca Plátano Lógico within eight years: first he cultivated certified organic banana plants, sprayed them only with water for four years and collected the harmful insects by hand. After that, he only watered, leaving everything else to the natural forces of biological balance. Until the volcanic eruption in 2021, when the entire plantation was destroyed and he started all over again. In the meantime, the first harvests have been harvested - and guests are welcome on the finca again. Francisco is happy to show them around the plantation.

Salinas from a bird view

Salt for Gourmets: The Salt Flats of La Palma

A nice destination for gourmets are the salt flats at Punta de Fuencaliente. Andrés Hernández García and his team extract salt from the sea, including the famous "Flor de Sal". This salt has a very delicate crystal texture and is formed within three hours in the evening when the trade wind dies down. It is harvested by hand with a sieve and is not used for cooking, but only to refine dishes. In the tasting room of the salt works you can taste and buy different flavours, and from the terrace of the restaurant Salzgarten you have a fantastic view over the salt works.

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