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Strolling & Savouring – a Trip to Marmaris

Promenade by the Sea

Are you someone who can’t imagine a holiday in Türkiye without the sea? Then it’s worth taking a trip from Dalaman to the city of Marmaris, which is 90 km away (a good hour by car bus) and offers much more than just its long and famous beach promenade.

Turkish Breakfast
Crystal Clear Water

Refreshing & Invigorating

After the excursion, treat yourself to a plunge into the crystal-clear water. This is especially gratifying in the morning, when the wide rocky beaches are still deserted. Afterwards, the cafés in the old town will tempt you with their reasonably priced breakfasts. A typical Turkish breakfast includes lots of fruit and honey, as well as cheese, olives, and tomatoes. The dishes are often vegetarian, but on request there is also sucuk, a hearty sausage made from beef. A wide variety of typical breads is important, such as pide or simit with sesame seeds. The locals reportedly joke that their favourite accompaniment to bread is just another loaf of bread.


A Steadfast Fortress

It’s time to burn off the breakfast calories, so off to the impressive Marmaris Kalesi Fortress! This extremely well-maintained fortress offers not only a lovely park and a museum, but the best view over the harbour and the sea. According to legend, the name of the town means ‘four hanged architects’ because the builders in the 16th century did not create a monumental fortress that could be seen from Rhodes, 38 km away. The Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was disappointed and punished the architects. Despite its alleged ‘flaws’, the fortress has survived all major earthquakes in the last 500 years unscathed.

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Stuffed Squash Blossoms in Mugla

After the visit to the fort, it is recommended to try stuffed squash blossoms (Kabak Çiçeği Dolması) as a snack for the road. This is a well-known and beloved dish in many Turkish places of the Aegean Türkiye. However, it is possible to say that the province of Muğla is where this food is most made and loved. Stuffet Squash Blossoms is made from squash blossoms collected in many corners of the Aegean, early in the morning before the sun rises. These blossoms are usually collected in July. And it is important to collect them in the early hours of the morning. Because the blossoms need to be collected before they wear out due to the heat. The blossoms, stuffed with a stuffing - which includes onion, tomato, rice, dill and mint - are cooked in virgin olive oil, obtained from the local olives.

Dinner by the Sea

A Culinary Finale

A stroll along the beach promenade is most beautiful when the sun starts to set. Who will make it to the lighthouse? Marmaris is famous for its harbour, which is home to many yachts as well as traditional wooden boats. The restaurants on the waterfront are another highlight, where you can indulge in mezze platters while enjoying a gentle sea breeze. A small plate here, a little bowl there – the variety of dips, sophisticated salads, seafood, and pastries are the best way to get to know Turkish cuisine.

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