Damage to Baggage Belonging to Residents of Switzerland

Was your baggage looking a little the worse for wear when you arrived at your destination? Please go straight to the Lost & Found office at the arrival airport and report the matter there. If you don't notice the damage until you are on the way home, you have up to seven days from arrival (including day of flight) to report it in written form via our contact form.

In order to process the damage claim, please send us the information listed below, as this will allow us to initiate a possible reimbursement:

  • Pictures of the damaged baggage item (full shot of the baggage item and close-up view of the damage)
  • If possible, the original purchase receipt (baggage's age and purchase price)
  • Damage report
  • Your address
  • Your bank details and IBAN number

After seven days (legal deadline), Edelweiss Air AG can no longer be held liable.

Contact form

Damage to Baggage Belonging to Residents of Other Countries

Are you not a resident of Switzerland? Then we will pay for the item to be repaired. If that is no longer possible and the item is completely ruined, then it needs to be officially assessed. Please send these documents to us, including the original purchase price and the date of purchase, additionally, the damage report, your baggage tag (which you receive during check-in), your address as well as your bank details by mail or our contact form. Please note, that you have up to seven days from arrival (including day of flight) to contact us.

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