General Information in the Event of Loss or Damage

Baggage irregularities are irritating, but in most cases not as dramatic as you might at first think. The most important thing to do in the event of a baggage irregularity: report the damage or loss to the Lost & Found desk immediately. Lost & Found offices are always located in the vicinity of the baggage conveyor belts.

You will receive a copy of the report, and it is important that you retain it along with the baggage identification tag. You must report the incident promptly, as otherwise we will not be able to accept liability. Edelweiss Customer services will check the claims after your trip using the receipts you submit.

Claims for Compensation

Has an item of baggage been damaged? Then you will be reimbursed the present value of that item.

Liability for Contents

Please note: Passengers are responsible for ensuring that their bags are packed appropriately. Edelweiss Air AG can therefore not be held liable for damaged contents, if an item was transported that was not permitted as baggage, the damage is due to defective packaging, or to a defect inherent in the damaged item. This also applies to bicycles and/or sports equipment in general, and to perishable goods. We highly recommend the special covers that are available from retailers for prams and pushchairs.

What Not to Put In Checked Baggage

Never pack any valuable items, documents or electronic devices in your checked baggage; it is safer to put them in your hand baggage.


Also contact your theft insurance company if a light-fingered individual should happen to help themselves to your property.

The Time Factor

If your missing baggage is not returned within a reasonable period of time, it will be considered a total loss. In this (exceptional) case, Edelweiss Lost & Found will check the current values for reimbursement against a list of the contents and receipts.

Our Liability

Edelweiss Air Ag is liable for delayed, damaged or lost baggage. These cases are governed by the Conditions of Carriage, which on the one hand are part of the contract of transportation for passengers and their baggage, and on the other are laid down in the Montreal Convention. You will find the details in our General Terms and Conditions.

General Terms and Conditions