Travel in comfort as a family

Flying on an aeroplane creates all sorts of emotions in us. So how exciting must it be for little ones? Gates bustling with people, mysterious "tunnels" onto the aeroplane and charming Flight Attendants are just a few of the sensory impressions at the airport and in the air. We offer the following services for children to make sure the flight is a lovely experience for your baby or child.

Special meals for budding gourmets

Flying on an aeroplane is particularly exciting for our very young passengers. Our on-board kitchen will provide delicious children's meals for your little one to help him relax above the clouds. You can order special children's meals (free of charge) through our website or through your travel agent. Please contact us at least 4 days before your departure. Your child will love our meals that are specially composed for budding gourmets!

Before you forget: why not order your children's meals here, up to 4 days before your departure:

Entertainment programme for children

We make sure that your child is happy and has a good time. Edelweiss's entertainment programme for children provides enough variety and entertainment to keep your child occupied for the duration of the flight.

Entertainment programme for children

Baby on board

Almost as comfortable and practical as being at home: if you are travelling with a baby, we will provide the following additional equipment:

  • For a comfortable flight: additional blankets
  • Practical: changing tables in the toilets
  • More baggage needs more space: large baggage compartments

Baby food

To make sure your baby is satisfied and happy on the flight, please feel free to talk to the cabin crew at any time if you would like to warm up some milk or baby food.

Pushchair and buggy

If your pushchair or buggy collapses, then you can easily take it to the aircraft with you. Depending on your destination, it will either be returned to you when you disembark or (at the latest) on the baggage carousel. Pushchairs for two or more children take up a little too much space, but if you have one you can check it in as baggage. Added plus for parents: there is no charge for taking a pushchair or buggy.

If you like, you can hire a pushchair for your child at the airport in Zürich before you depart. You can use it from check-in to the gate, and then just leave it there. The pushchair is suitable for children from 0 to 4 years of age.

Family check-in for flights departing from Zurich

Enjoy a relaxed start to your holiday with the Family Check-in. Families receive preferential treatment at check-in desks 105 - 109 in Terminal 1 of Zurich Airport – and can also benefit from dedicated check-in desks during holiday periods. We know how exciting flying is for children. To make the start of their holiday even more special, our youngest passengers can now watch the check-in and baggage drop-off process from a small staircase. They will also be presented with a boarding card for any cuddly toy they may have brought along.

Family Services at Zurich Airport

Pass the waiting time of your kids before the flight with a discovery tour at Zurich Airport: The observation deck is equipped with a spacious playground and offers the perfect platform to watch planes when taking off and landing. In the departure areas A and E, Zurich Airport further provides areas to do handicraft and play games. Facilities for babies are also available.