Delicious menus for young travellers

Our young guests also want to be spoiled with tasty dishes. That’s why we offer a baby menu for all babies ages 0-2 and a children’s menu for all children aged 2 and over. These complimentary menus can be easily ordered when you make your booking or under the following link (up to 4 days prior to departure):

Order a special meal

If you do not wish to order a special meal, your child will receive the regular menu on board.

Useful information about baby food

Below you’ll find the most important information about baby food on board Edelweiss:

Milk and liquid baby formula may be carried in your hand luggage.

You are allowed to carry more than 100ml in your hand luggage, but are limited to the amount needed for the duration of the flight.

No, milk and liquid baby formula do not have to be packed in the plastic bags provided for liquids as with other liquid substances. Please show the milk and baby formula you’re carrying to the security screening staff proactively.

Yes, just ask our cabin crew. They’ll be happy to warm up the milk and formula for you.

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