Enjoy e-reading with Edelweiss

Enjoy even more reading pleasure! If you have booked your flight via flyedelweiss.com, our e-reading offers are available to you a week before your departure and throughout your entire holiday. Seven days before departure, you will receive an e-mail containing all of your flight details and access to the download area of your holiday e-reading library. Once you’ve logged in, you can access a wide variety of digital titles. Depending on your seat category, you will have access to a certain number of free titles – and you are always free to purchase additional e-magazines and publications if you like.

E-Journal Edelweiss

Simply browse the selection of digital magazines and newspapers and select the ones you find interesting. Your e-reading products can be conveniently downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or laptop – to ensure you have plenty of exciting reading material for your entire holiday.

How it works

Did you book your trip on flyedelweiss.com? Accessing your e-reading library is simple:

  • A week before your flight you will receive an e-mail with your trip details. The e-mail contains the download link to your Edelweiss holiday library.
  • In the download section, you will see the number of credits for each booking (for outbound and inbound flights).
  • Select your desired title by clicking on the cover image. The download will start on your digital device. A wifi connection is recommended. Note: you cannot download during the flight!

Did you book your flight through SWISS?

Passengers who booked their flight under a SWISS flight number (LX8000-8999) can get their titles via SWISS. Further information can be found via the following link:

eJournals - your digital reading with SWISS

Questions about the download?

Please contact your booking office if you have any concerns regading our e-reading offers.

The environment will thank you too!

E-reading offers several advantages: you can carry less hand luggage – but still keep your reading material with you at all times. Not to mention that you’ll never discover that the title you want is unavailable. Finally, this modern way of reading is good for the environment: no paper has to be produced, and waste is reduced. Less weight also reduces fuel consumption.