What is the application process like?

- First examination of the application documents by Edelweiss (2-6 weeks) with a decision whether to invite you to an aptitude test at the Flight Crew Assessment Center SWISS

- Multi-stage aptitude test

- Board decision (end of each month if all stages have been passed positively)

Does Edelweiss contribute to the travel and accommodation costs during the assessment?

No, Edelweiss does not cover any costs. Any expenses are at the expense of the candidate.

To what extent are SPHAIR graduates preferred?

Please refer to the information sheet.


What does the multi-stage aptitude test look like?

The aptitude test takes place after your registration, if you meet the requirements for a candidacy and you have completed the documents on the applicant cockpit.
This includes several selective stages as well as additional tests and usually extends over 2-4 months.

- Psychometric performance tests / apparatus tests: test of multitasking ability / group exercise (documents for preparation are provided; duration: 1 day)

- Pilot Instrument Trainer “PIT” (documents for preparation will be provided; duration: 2 days)

- Interview with psychologist / medical examination: ophthalmologist, in-house examination, Medical Class 1 (duration: 1 day)

- Interview at Edelweiss (duration: 1 hour)

A positive decision by the selection committee is valid for 1 year.

Additional tests:

- After the medical examination, you will be asked to take an English test or to have the required English certificate delivered

- Before starting training at LAT, the following subject tests must be completed: mathematics, physics, geometry

How can I prepare for the aptitude test?

Various providers with the appropriate preparations can be found on the Internet. You can go through some exercises on the SPHAIR website, but they are not identical to the LAT tests. For the preparation of the 3rd stage you will receive documents after successfully completing the preliminary stages.


How long does it take from the aptitude assessment decision to the start of training at LAT?

This depends on the candidate's availability. Training courses start four times a year on average.

How often can I repeat the aptitude test?

Once, unless you were granted a reconsideration request. In such a case, the imposed waiting period (usually 2 years) must be observed at Edelweiss, as is the case at SWISS.

Will a negative selection result from SWISS be taken over by Edelweiss?

Yes, this is taken care of by Edelweiss. In the event of a request for reconsideration (the Flight Crew Assessment Center will inform the applicant explicitly), a new application can be submitted to Edelweiss.

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