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Surfing and Kitesurfing Facts

Surfing and kitesurfing spots within 50 km

12 (kitesurfing and windsurfing)

Best time to travel - kitesurfing

March to October (many spots suitable year-round)

Best time to travel - windsurfing

March to October (many spots suitable year-round)

Recommended apparel

Wetsuit (November to February), shorty wetsuit (March to June), bikini / swimsuit (July to October)

Flight connection

Edelweiss Recommendation

Egypt is the perfect destination for a kitesurfing safari. The crystal-clear water of the Red Sea combined with uncrowded locations, ideal wind conditions, long-stretched beaches and huge flat water lagoons make it hard to decide which kitesurfing spot to choose. The good news is there is no need to! Various companies offer kiteboarding safaris, generally lasting seven days, departing from the Hurghada Marina. Start picturing yourself cruising on a yacht to remarkable kitesurfing spots, with courses available for both beginners and advanced kiteboarders.

Top Surf and Kite Spots around Hurghada

Magawish – a freeriding paradise

Magawish Beach is the only surf spot in Hurghada featuring unobstructed winds (windward and leeward) with Caribbean-style sandbanks. This is the site of the Surf und Action Center Harry Nass - a fantastic freeride spot located in Hurghada. The generous kiteboarding and windsurfing station is situated right on the beach of the Mercure Hurghada Hotel offering almost unlimited space – which is a real luxury for kiteboarders. A boat shuttle to the shallow area by the sandbanks is available for beginner kiteboarders.

A kitesurfing oasis: Seahorse Bay

Whereas most of the kiteboarding spots in the Hurghada area are located south of town, the recently opened Seahorse Bay is situated in the north: featuring a large shallow area and stable wind conditions, it is particularly well suited for beginners. Since the lagoon offers ample space for two instruction areas, there is no risk of beginners and advanced kiteboarders getting in each other’s way. The Kiteclub Seahorse Bay resort has direct access to the beach and the kiteboarding spot. Alternatively, accommodation is also available at the small and comfortable Seahorse Bay inn situated on a headland next to the Kiteclub resort.

El Gouna, the “Venice of Egypt“

Built in 1989, the holiday resort located some fifteen miles north of Hurghada has become a top kiteboarding location in recent years. Man-made canals meander their way between villas and apartments to the Red Sea. The small islands of land are linked by bridges, earning El Gouna the nickname “Venice of Egypt“. The water level differs depending on the tides. Regardless of ebb and flow, the kitesurfing spots are to the far north and the far south. With a total of five kiteboarding stations, El Gouna has something to suit all tastes. Most of them offer alternative activities during wind-free periods, such as volleyball courts, SUP rental or yoga courses; some of the stations also offer childcare.

Pure surfing and kitesurfing bliss in Safaga

A well-known windsurfing and kitesurfing spot, Safaga, situated a good twenty miles from Hurghada, is still a very traditional Egyptian town with sparse tourist infrastructure. That being said, it is spacious and features great conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Tobia, a small sandbank island, is located just off the coast and makes for an ideal place to practice in the crystal-clear water and to dash across the waves. (Note that the island is not always accessible) Accommodation is available to suit all budgets and tastes: from five-star resorts to more modest, family-style hotels.

Wide expanses of Lahami Bay

Located a good 250 miles from Hurghada, Egypt‘s southernmost kitesurfing spot is definitely worth travelling to: Lahami Bay offers wide expanses and fine conditions for kiteboarding, including the opportunity for a private kitesurfing session in one’s own lagoon. Lahami Bay is home to two kitesurfing spots. The first is located within the facilities of the Lahami Bay Beach Resort and is also a windsurfing area. The second spot is situated on the Berenice headland that stretches for approximately forty miles into the Red Sea. The area is suitable for both beginners and experienced kitesurfers. The Core Center Lahami Bay is the main port of call for surfers and kiteboarders. It also has deckchairs and a nice bar.

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