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Rocky Beauty Around Narvik: Fjords, Rocks, Fish

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Into the Midnight Sun From Narvik

Summer in the far north of Norway is a unique experience, especially between 26 May and 17 July, when the sun never sets. However, the small harbour town of Narvik is also a good starting point for Arctic adventures and tours into the rugged nature outside of this season. A place with an eventful history that has even been made into a film. The colourful wooden houses, the magnificent fjords and the fishing villages in the region alone guarantee an exceptional holiday. Then there is the fascinating wildlife north of the Arctic Circle - but there is much more to discover around Narvik.

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Nordic Hiking

Narvik lies at the centre of a region that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of natural wonders. The coastal mountains of the north that rise up from the fjords, the glacier-covered peaks, the waterfalls and the granite rock provide all those who are familiar with the alpine mountain world with powerful new impressions - the far north in a completely different way. Those who hike here experience an unrivalled feeling of vastness. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through the Arctic valleys or a mountain tour to a remote vantage point - there is a hiking trail to suit every taste around Narvik. A particularly beautiful one leads to Mount Stetind, which can be climbed on guided tours. 

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A Short Trip Into the City’s History

The Netflix sensation ‘Narvik’ (2023), a gripping historical drama, has brought the history of the city to life once again. In April 1940, the Allies met the occupying forces from Nazi Germany in Narvik and fought for control of vital iron ore that was being shipped here. For 62 days, fierce battles raged in the fjords and in the mountainous surroundings of Narvik, during which the town was destroyed. Many of the filming locations from the Netflix drama can be visited. The Narvik War Museum also provides a good insight into this tragic episode in the city's history. We recommend taking part in the excellent guided tours here.

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Once Across Norway

The Ofot Railway, also known as the ‘Arctic Train’, runs over 43 kilometres from Norway to Sweden through a spectacular natural landscape with waterfalls and impressive rock formations. Along the way, an audio guide app tells you many details about the history of this railway line. During the Second World War, it was fiercely contested between Nazi Germany and the Allies as a means of transporting the valuable iron ore from the region. Once you reach the Swedish border, you can take a short 16.2 kilometre hiking trail down to Rombaksbotn on the fjord and then take the boat back to Narvik. 

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Narvik Gondol

Narvikfjell - The Local Mountain

The Fjellheisrestaurant on Narvikfjell, 656 metres above sea level, offers a magnificent view over the colourful houses of Narvik, the fjords and the historic ore harbour. From the end of May to mid-July, you can enjoy the midnight sun and fine food on the city's local mountain. It is also a popular starting point for hiking or mountain biking. The best way to get up there is to take the Narvik Gondol, a cable car that has been running up the mountain since 2019. If you take the mountain road down to the valley, you should make a stopover at the Camp Lodge at 291 metres above sea level, a cosy hut with simple cuisine.

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Meet Arctic Predators

Bears, wolves and lynx, as well as moose, reindeer and musk oxen - the wild animals from the forests and mountains of Norway can be found in the world's northernmost zoo, the Polar Park in Bardu. You can get there by hire car from Narvik in just over an hour. The animals in this unusual zoo are housed in their natural habitat over large areas. A river flows through the park and you can even fish in it. Tip for the visit: You can often see more on a guided tour than on an unaccompanied walk through this kind of terrain. And you'll be smarter afterwards.

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A Place for Young Art

And what about the children? In the park-like area in front of the Fiskehallen, there is a unique collection of artworks that aims to promote the artistic expression of young people. These include various sculptures, such as ‘Lekende Barn’ (Playing Children), ranging from abstract forms to realistic depictions. Children and young people can take part in various activities led by professional artists: Painting workshops, sculpture courses, printing techniques or digital art. This is also interesting for young holiday guests.

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Wondrous Estuaries

There is a whole series of fjords around Narvik that were formed by ancient glaciers. They are called Skjomen, Gratangen, Gråfjord and Efjord, each of them offering views of rugged beauty that can only be found here. The azure inlets are teeming with cod, haddock, saithe, flatfish and sea bass. So if you want to go fishing, you are guaranteed a catch here. Divers can go wreck diving at various locations. But even a boat tour without a diving adventure is an exciting experience. Or a sea eagle safari, where you can watch the kings of the skies.

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Gratangen's boat museum

The Legacy of the Seafarers

Coastal culture is still very much alive in some of the region's colourful fjord villages. In Gratangen's boat museum, for example, you can see historic Nordland boats that were used for 200 years to transport priests, doctors, midwives and policemen, or to help the fathers of northern Norwegian families earn a living as fishermen and sealers. Gratangen is also home to ‘Morgan's Ship’, the largest mobile wooden sculpture in the world, inspired by the rigging of the ship ‘Oxford’, on which the pirate Henry Morgan sailed in the Caribbean in the 17th century. A night in a sea hut or in a historic lighthouse makes the Norwegian holiday feeling perfect.

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