Zurich Airport, 13 April 2017

Edelweiss Adds a New Long-haul Aircraft to Its Fleet

Edelweiss, Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline, has added a second Airbus A340 bringing its total fleet to ten aircraft. The fully refurbished long-haul aircraft offers flight passengers a relaxing start to their holiday.

The Airbus A340-300 HB-JMF –taken over from Edelweiss affiliate SWISS– has been fully refurbished and equipped with the latest generation seats to ensure even greater travel comfort. The aircraft also features a state-of-the-art Inflight Entertainment System so that passengers can while away their time on board in the most enjoyable way. As well as a fresh interior design, it has also been fitted with the new Edelweiss lighting concept that includes cutting-edge LED technology.

The new Airbus A340 enables Edelweiss to fly 314 passengers to their holiday destination, offering 211 seats in Economy Class, 76 in Economy Max and 27 in Business Class

The first flight with the new Edelweiss flagship will be operated on Friday, 14th April, at 1.30 pm, when the aircraft will take off from Zurich to Tampa Bay/Florida.

The ideal aircraft for flights to Edelweiss’ new holiday destinations

HB-JMF is the second Airbus A340 to join the Edelweiss fleet. In tandem with the aircraft, three new destinations will be added to the Edelweiss route network as follows: Cancún/Mexico (from 16th April), San José/Costa Rica (from 9th May) and San Diego/USA (from 9th June).

Two more A340 aircraft will join the fleet by the end of 2018, thus enabling Edelweiss to further expand its flights to dream destinations. The airline’s long-haul fleet will then consist of two Airbus A330s and four Airbus A340s.



Further information:

Andreas Meier
Head of Corporate Communications
Edelweiss Air AG