Zurich Airport, 9th February 2017

Swiss Holiday Regions Are Ready for Take-off 

“Braunwald“ and “Schatzalp“ are ready to take off to the world’s most beautiful destinations. This morning, Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline, Edelweiss, held a naming ceremony for two aircraft, which have been named after Swiss holiday regions.

In keeping with the motto “Two are better than one”, Edelweiss held a naming ceremony today, 9th February, for two of its fleet members. The aircraft “Braunwald” and “Schatzalp” have been named after Swiss holiday regions. Edelweiss is thus continuing its naming concept of “Where Edelweiss is at home“.

Tradition meets adventure

Both Braunwald and Schatzalp are home to the queen of alpine flowers. Schatzalp even features a botanical garden with the world’s largest Edelweiss plant collection. “That is why we are so pleased to collaborate with Edelweiss,“ says Mark Linder, director of the Schatzalp Hotel. “The aircraft basically adds another Edelweiss to our collection.” Fridolin Hösli, director of Braunwald-Klausenpass Tourismus AG, is also pleased about the new relationship. “Edelweiss and Braunwald both represent Switzerland with its many traditions. They also stand for a spirit of adventure.”

Schatzalp and Braunwald generously provided the traditional elements of the naming ceremony: women dressed in local costumes and cowbells entertained those in attendance with plenty of Swissness during the event. As for adventure, such is available in the form of exciting holiday regions to where the “Braunwald“ and “Schatzalp“ will henceforth fly. Because, after all, Edelweiss is at home all over the world.



Further information:

Andreas Meier
Head of Corporate Communications
Edelweiss Air AG