Zurich Airport, 18th May 2015

The Edelweiss Zeppelin takes off

The airline Edelweiss celebrates its 20th birthday with the Edelweiss Zeppelin, which landed in Switzerland for the first time on 18 May. The King of the Skies will be in the skies here throughout the summer. in the sky throughout the summer. At a total of six locations, the public will have the Switzerland from a completely different perspective. At 75 metres, the airship is even longer than the largest civilian commercial the Airbus A380.



At the six different locations, Edelweiss will be conducting numerous sightseeing flights until the end of August. flights over meadows, lakes, mountains and valleys. There is Mönchaltorf, the zeppelin will fly over the city of Zurich, in Interlaken it will fly over the lakes in an impressive alpine region. Interlaken it flies over the lakes in an impressive alpine region, and from Sitterdorf it heads towards Sitterdorf it heads for Lake Constance. But also the flights from Basel, Grenchen and Birrfeld also promise a unique flying experience. At each location there will also be a a large festival with various attractions will be held at each location. Even though all flights are all flights are sold out at the moment, a few additional tickets will be sold at these events or additional tickets will be sold or raffled off in competitions.

Edelweiss Zeppelin at Zurich Airport

At the beginning of its nationwide tour, the Edelweiss Zeppelin made a detour over Zurich Airport. Flying low, it flew along the runway past the spectator the spectator terrace and past numerous aircraft at the terminals. After this "lowpass, the Zeppelin continued its flight over the city of Zurich back to Mönchaltorf. Mönchaltorf.

A bird's eye view of Switzerland

Flying with the Zeppelin is comfortable, almost noiseless and allows for a a special voyage of discovery. "With the Edelweiss Zeppelin, we would like to give the Swiss the Swiss population the opportunity to experience their own country from a completely new perspective," says Bernd Bauer, CEO of Edelweiss. The planning and reconnaissance of this tour took well over a year. The clarifications, permits and logistical logistical challenges were extremely complex and required a lot of heart and soul. We are all the more pleased to welcome the Zeppelin to Mönchaltorf for the first time," Bauer continues. the Zeppelin in Mönchaltorf for the first time," Bauer continues.

Overview of the Zeppelin Flying Days and Events

Mönchaltorf ZH18. Mai – 1. Juni23. – 24. Mai
Basel/Münchenstein6. – 12. Juli11. – 12. Juli
Interlaken BE27. Juli – 2. August1. – 2. August
Sitterdorf TG7. – 9. August7. – 9. August
Grenchen SO17. – 24. August22. – 23. August
Birrfeld AG25. – 31. August29. – 30. August

Further information:

Andreas Meier
Head of Corporate Communications
Edelweiss Air AG