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Our Menu

Dine and Relax - Our Menu From Zurich

If you want to relax as soon as possible, Edelweiss offers you a cold appetizer, main course and a dessert shortly after take-off. We offer different menus from and to Zurich. Below we would love to give you an idea about our culinary delights which we offer you on flights from Zurich (changes are possible at any time).



  • Lettuce with egg
  • Dried meat coated in herbs, artichoke tomato salad
  • Asparagus mousse, chervil vinaigrette, roasted tomatoes
  • Edelweiss salad dressing: French or Italia

  • Sliced veal with lemon-apple white wine cream sauce, bread dumplings and glazed root vegetables
  • Gnocchi alla Romana with Parmesan-pine nut crust, tomato-basil ragout and flambéed tomatoes
  • Pan-fried pike perch with parsley cream sauce, Ticino beetroot polenta and pointed cabbage

  • Reblochon and Schnebel Kuh cheese

  • Tapioca-mango mousse
  • Zug cherry mousse
Dear Guest,

It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve you high-quality food and beverages on board so that your holiday begins the moment you step on board. My team and I consider your culinary comfort to be a top priority and thus emphasise careful preparation and fresh ingredients using as many seasonal and regional products as possible.

We are honoured to pamper you with a touch of Switzerland above the clouds.

René Bleiker
Senior Manager Inflight Services

Impressions of our Variety of Dishes