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Surfing and Kitesurfing Facts

Surfing and kitesurfing spots within 50 km

3 (kitesurfing), 10 (surfing)

Best time to travel - kitesurfing

June to November

Best time to travel - surfing

April to September

Recommended apparel

Full wetsuit (May to October), Lycra (November to April)

Flight connection

Edelweiss Recommendation

Mauritius is more than “just“ a winter getaway paradise: average temperatures of around 24° C (air) and 22° C (water) in summer make this beautiful island state in the Indian Ocean a year-round travel destination. Boasting consistent on-shore winds, Mauritius has ideal conditions for kitesurfing, including for the “Kiteival“, Mauritius’ kitesurfing carnival held every year. The event draws international kitesurfing stars to the island and is staged across five days.

Top Surf and Kite Spots in Mauritius

Le Morne - for Beginners and Pros

Le Morne is Mauritius‘ kitesurfing hotspot, offering fantastic conditions for both beginners and pro-kitesurfers. The shallow water lagoon is also popular with freestylers and freeriders as it provides enough space for practicing gybes and water starts. Boat escorts around the Le Morne peninsula are available from 110 US dollars/hour. Le Morne’s main kite- and windsurfing area is located in front of the RIU Creole and RIU Le Morne hotels, which are where guests who have booked a surf camp on the island of Mauritius usually stay. The ION Club with its windsurfing station is situated within the RIU Creole Resort; the kiting station is located on the Kite Lagoon at the far end of the hotel beach. The St. Regis Resort next door is home to the ION Club Prestige Kite Center that offers rental equipment, courses and storage space. The beach in front of the RIU hotels has largely shallow waters and is ideal for beginners and intermediates to practice on. Surf footwear is recommended as the ocean floor is fringed with rocks and corals. To make up for that, lovely waves break over the inner reef and the outer reef of Manawa, which are ideal for versed kiteboarders and surfers: Le Morne is, after all, as popular with surfers as it is with kiteboarders. The ideal spot for beginners is located within the lagoon, and both the ION Club and the Pryde Club offer surf lessons and rental equipment.

Wavespot One Eye - Only for the Brave and Experienced

Surfing and kiting at One Eye is at one’s own risk and responsibility. No rescue is possible because of the shallow reef, the current and the fast, powerful waves. This explains why the surf and kiting schools in the area do not recommend excursions to One Eye, Lodgings and surf camps are available in the neighbouring village of La Gaulette, for instance, in the Surf House Villa d’Or.

Kiteboarding in Bel Ombre on the South Coast

Bel Ombre on the island’s south coast features conditions similar to Le Morne. The area is divided into a surf spot behind the lagoon and a larger shallow water section in the lagoon. The Kiteglobing Station has Duotone material for rent and offers semi-private lessons. Lessons include gear and equipment, while equipment rentals only include the kite and trapeze. The station also offers a downwinder from Bel Ombre to Le Morne. This trip will last up to three hours (90 minutes waterborne), followed by a boat ride back to the beach of Bel Ombre.

Blue Bay and Pointe d'Esny in the Southeast

In the event that the wind is too east for Le Morne and Bel Ombre, the idyllic kiteboarding areas in Blue Bay and Pointe d'Esny offer two great alternatives with crystal-clear water and the island’s largest lagoon that makes kiting easy, including for beginners.

Cap Malheureux - a Dream for Freeriders

When kitesurfing is not possible at the famous spots in the island’s south because of northerly winds, freeriders in particular are drawn to Cap Malheureux. Given its very small take-off area and the large number of boats, this spot is, however, only suitable for experienced kiters. The same applies to the area around Trou Aux Biches and Mont Choisy Beach, which is a water scooter and speed boat hotspot.

Surfing on the South and West Coast

The best surf spots are located along the south and west coast of the island. Rivière des Galets in the south steals the show from most other spots: the left-breaking swell, created by a partly exposed coral reef, is an extraordinary spot for experienced surfers with constant waves. Consistent waves are also on offer in Souillac, just a 20-minute car drive from Rivière des Galets, or in Macondé, fifteen minutes to the west, near the picturesque village of Baie du Cap. Both spots are very popular at weekends; a surf session during the week is thus recommended. Situated further southeast, Darne is a long reef break just behind l’Île des Deux Cocos. When the wind turns north, there are some nice barrels to ride. However, due to a strong current, this spot should not be surfed at low tide.

Tamarin Bay - Surfing for Beginners

Mauritius also has surf spots that cater to beginners. The famous Tamarin Bay is situated in the west of the island, near Flic en Flac. A sandy ocean floor and a long left-breaking wave make this bay one of the most popular and renowned surf hotspots of the island. However, beginners should stay close to the beach and within the reef. Equipment is available for rent from the Tamarin Bay Surf School, which is part of the Veranda Tamarin hotel. The school also offers surf lessons.

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