Matka Canyon

Adventure Trip to Matka Canyon

Hiking in Matka Canyon


On the shore of the turquoise-blue lake, you can hike through the canyon on serpentine paths. A highlight is the ascent to the monastery of St. Nikola. After a short boat transfer to the other side, it's a 30-minute steep climb. The view is worth the effort!

Ready for Kayaking


The canyon can also be explored by canoe. In a single or double canoe you can paddle and enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake. By the way -  Lake Matka is the oldest artificial lake in the country. 

Inside Vrelo Cave

Cave Tour

One of the highlights in the Makta Canyon is a visit to one of the many caves. Especially spectacular is the freshwater cave Vrelo. It is known for its huge bat population. The exact depth of the cave remains a mystery. So far, about 200 meters have been explored. Experts consider Vrelo to be the deepest freshwater cave discovered so far in the world.

Boat Tour Matka Canyon

Boat Trip

You can start your boat tour into the canyon from the dock situated next to the restaurant. The boat trip will take you to starting points of hiking trails or to explore the caves. However, you can also enjoy a round trip without getting off.

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