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The history of Menorcan gin dates back to the British occupation of Menorca in the 18th century. Sailors and soldiers stationed on the island frequented local taverns but were unable to find gin, the most popular drink of the day. Before long, a group of Mahon craftsmen found a solution to the problem. They imported juniper berries and distilled gin using wine alcohol from Mediterranean vineyards. The Menorcans enjoyed this new spirit and the gin turned into the national drink over the years. 


Xoriguer Gin Bottle

The Taste

The gin Xoriguer is soft, fine and dry, with a clear juniper flavor and a very delicate taste of wood. Its full-bodied flavor lingers in the mouth and its transparency does not mask anything but reveals the qualities of the brandy.

Xoriguer Tasting Notes

Gin Tasting

Gin Tasting

The traditional Gin distillery Xoriguer offers the opportunity to taste different gin products. The showroom is located at Mahon Habor. Indulge your senses with the different types and enjoy the variety.



Gin Cocktails

The national drink of Menorca is served in many exciting variations. The classics: (1) Straight - Of course, Xoriguer gin can be enjoyed neat, refreshingly garnished with ice and a lemon peel (2) Peloffa - This creation offers a milder version; diluted with soda it is a lighter treat (3) Pomada - This is a long drink made with gin and sweet lemonade.

More Creations

Cova d
Lounge Area

Gin at Sunset

Cova d'en Xoroi is a perfect place to enjoy Menorcan gin, especially at sunset. With its terraces built into the cliffs, you can comfortably let the day come to an end with a spectacular view – and if you are not tired yet, the night club is a great place to enjoy the islands party life.

Cova d'en Xoroi

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