Denver train station

Art and Cowboys: Take a Tour of Denver

Denver Art Museum
Exhibition piece

Art with Vision

Let us start off our tour of the city with history and art! As you head towards the Denver Art Museum, there is something you will notice: the building by Italian star architect Gio Ponti is already a work of art in its own right. Following some years of renovation work, the building was reopened in 2021, having also been expanded – and it is well worth a visit. The inside of the building is also up to international standards, the collection of modern art in particular. The Department for Indigenous Arts enjoys a strong connection to the local area: you have the chance to expand your knowledge of the indigenous tribes of North America through traditional artefacts and works of contemporary indigenous art.

Denver Art Museum

Chatfield Farms

Extraordinary Flora

A farm in the prairie, horses outside in the midday sun, and no sounds of traffic to be heard: if you love Westerns, you are sure to fall in love with Chatfield Farms. The site is part of the Denver Botanic Gardens and offers that traditional ranch feeling, complete with excellent views and a chance to learn. With great attention to detail, several lovingly prepared theme gardens are dedicated to the flora of the Midwest, including a cornfield maze. An absolute highlight: visit the Kim Sterne Survival Garden, a kind of gentle survival training to find out which of the prairie’s plants are particularly nutritious and filling... just in case you find ourself on an adventure in the Wild West.

Chatfield Farms

Street by night

In Style: Saloons and Sheriffs

Feel yourself transported back to the America of the 1880s in the picturesque Larimer Square with its brick facades. Likewise, you can take a leap into the present: the city’s oldest block that was originally characterised by saloons, post offices, and ballrooms, has always been rather avant-garde. As you stroll among trendy pubs, cafés, and boutiques, you may even come across the Bull & Bear Courtyard, the latest passion project in the area. The courtyard has been generously landscaped and is intended as a community garden project to create ecological awareness. It is also a fantastic place to meet the locals...

Larimer Square

Museum Molly Brown
Picture of Molly Brown

The Great Molly Brown

The ‘unsinkable Molly Brown’ is a true American legend: not only did she survive the sinking of the Titanic, she also played a significant role in reforming the USA’s juvenile court system, spoke five languages, and advocated for women’s education and equality throughout her lifetime. There was even a 1960 Broadway musical about her: ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’, which became a film starring Debbie Reynolds in 1964. Visit her former home and allow yourself to be carried away by the splendour of the Victorian mansion. True to the spirit of its heroine, the museum also offers educational programmes, book clubs, history workshops, and after-work salons with cocktails.

Museum Molly Brown

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